Gaby's Story
August 7 – 13, 2006

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Monday August 7, 2006

Gaby woke up late @ 9:30. She tossed and turned a lot last night as her bedroom was quite warm.
She didn't have a lot of energy in the morning but by early afternoon she was ready to help wax the cars. (I use the word help loosely.)
We spent the day working around the house today as Gaby's counts will be on there way down and we can't risk taking her out. Her appetite hasn't been good today again, still has a bit of an upset stomach but is managing to get some things down.
She has a rash developing on her chest that is very itchy and hard to treat as a lot of it is under her dressing. We'll have to try changing her dressing again tomorrow.
After dinner, Gaby went looking for Sarah. Sarah came by after work and Gaby showed her some stuff on the computer and they hung out for a while. We had a hard time getting her to go to bed tonight. I guess we won't be seeing her too early tomorrow morning.


Tuesday August 8, 2006

As expected, Gaby didn't get up until after 10:00 this morning. We noticed the dressing over her center line was coming up around the edges from her scratching so much from the rash on her chest. Decided to change the dressing to a smaller type so we could put cream on more of the affected area. Good thing, big brother Zack and Auntie Denise were around to help out as Gaby wasn't very impressed with having the dressing changed so soon after the last change. Oh well…it's all for the best.
With the smaller dressing, we were able to cover more of the rash with Nystatin cream and by this evening the rash looked considerably better.
She's been having some mood swings today and will go from extremely happy to very angry and upset within a half hour then back to her normal self again shortly thereafter. It's been a little tough on the rest of the family to deal with but we're keeping it together.
Her appetite is much better today, not feeling sick at all. Still having a hard time getting her to sleep at a decent hour though, she just wants to stay up and chat all night.


Wednesday August 9, 2006

Dad had an appointment this morning so Gaby had to get woken up early as Nana and Cousin William came to watch Gaby and visit. She didn't much care for the early wake up call but we had to take care of all her 'stuff' before Dad had to leave.
She had a lot of energy today and has been feeling good. The rash on her chest has calmed a lot with the cream we've been putting on it and hopefully will be gone soon.
Gaby had been feeling a bit tired and cranky this afternoon but a visit from her friend Jaclyn made her feel good.
She went to bed good today, a little late but without the usual 5 trips to the bathroom and 50 questions. We'll have to get up early again tomorrow as Gaby needs to get blood work done in the AM to see if she is good to go for her next chemo treatment on Friday.


Thursday August 10, 2006

Got up early and headed out to the local medical lab for Gaby's blood work. She was very brave today,hardly complained at all about the poke in the finger. She would have rather they took blood from her central line but they don't have the ability to access it in this office.
After the medical lab we ran into Home Depot to pick up a night light for Gaby then Brianna N came by for a visit in the afternoon.
We finally got the results from her blood work at 4:45 pm. As expected, her counts were good so we took Zack out for a birthday dinner. It's funny how things Gaby used to love to eat just don't taste the same to her anymore. I think she's a little frustrated by this.
She tired easily today and wanted to be carried around a lot. Good thing she's 6 and not 16.
Big day tomorrow, she'll be receiving another 'big' dose of chemo (3 different drugs). We'll have to stay in the hospital for the night to make sure she gets enough fluids before she can go home. Hopefully, we will get out early enough on Saturday to bring her by the fundraiser's, assuming she is feeling well enough to go.


Friday August 11, 2006

Woke up early to get to the hospital by 9:30. We checked in to the clinic and headed to the playroom where Gaby played dress up and watched movies while waiting for her chemo and a room upstairs. She's very excited to be going to the oncology ward for a stay rather than the ICU/TCU ward. Not sure why she's so excited to be staying upstairs, maybe the elevator ride?? She has been acting a little silly today, more like a 3 year old than 6. I guess, it's to be expected with the stress she's under.
Gaby received her chemo treatment around 1:30 and we had to stay in the clinic until we got her room about 3:30.
While waiting, Dad found out from the doctor that a trip to the Loma Linda University Medical Center in California for her radiation treatment is pretty much all set. Then shortly thereafter they came back to say the trip was a definite go and they would like us there by August 28th. WHAT!!! There is a lot to get organized before we can go (feeding tube, accommodations, travel arrangements…) so the hospital is going to ask for an alternative time slot as if we were to go August 28th we would have to be in the US for more than two months. We're hoping we can go down for Gaby's assessment then come home until her radiation treatment begins but if that's not possible we'll do whatever it takes to make this happen as the Loma Linda Medical Center provides the best localized radiation therapy. We'll hear more next week.
Once we got settled in her room, Gaby asked if we could visit everyone on ICU/TCU. Went for a trip downstairs and Gaby was very happy to see some familiar faces. She almost dumped her IV pole while riding it like a skateboard on the way back up to her room and got a little knock on the forehead. I don't think she'll be doing that again. Gaby has handled today's treatment very well and has only felt a little nauseous. We spent the evening watching movies and colouring. Sure hope she's feeling as well tomorrow but somehow I doubt it as they will be waking her up every two hours to go to the bathroom tonight as she has to be hydrated over the next 24 hours with this chemo treatment.


Saturday August 12, 2006

Gaby wasn't feeling very good this morning. Had a rough night with getting woken up so often and is feeling sick today. We were told we could leave early this afternoon as long as she can keep something down. Gaby told the nurse "I want to go home right now because it's the farthest place I can think of away from here". Can't blame her, whenever she's in the hospital there's always someone waking her or poking her…I'm sure it's nothing personal.
By early afternoon, she wasn't being sick anymore but they wanted to check her blood counts as there was some concern over her hemoglobin number. The results came back confirming she would need a transfusion before we go home. Gaby wasn't very happy about this as it meant staying in the hospital for at least another 5 hours and she would miss the events going on today. She really wanted to go. Oh well…it's all for the best.
The doctor came by to say Gaby will be able to get her feeding tube put in on the 21st or 23rd, that's good news. That's one thing off our list before the trip to California can happen, now only 4,234,795 more things to think about.
The transfusion took until about 7:30 pm, then we had to wait around for a bit longer to ensure she didn't have a reaction and to get her meds for the evening. Grandma & Grandpa Mel came by to update us on the days events and replenish Dad's overnight supplies in case we have to stay again tonight. Gaby was happy to hear about the car wash and sales and was sorry she missed them. She didn't have much of a reaction to the transfusion, only slightly flushed cheeks and she was starting to get some colour back within a few hours. By 8:45 pm, we were all packed up and off to home. Just a little later than the anticipated time of noon.
There wasn't a lot of traffic so we made it home by 9:20. Gaby said, it was very nice to be home again. She was a bit nervous that we were going to have to stay another night at the hospital. Didn't tell her that if she got sick once more Dad wasn't going to let her go home.
Gaby's very tired tonight and found her bed a welcome sight but she is concerned about the feeding tube they're going to put in and kept Mom up for a while talking about it before falling asleep.


Sunday August 13, 2006

Gaby woke up early this morning and felt quite sick. She spent most of the morning lying on the couch and didn't have much of an appetite. It was hard to get her to take her meds this morning. She wasn't being very cooperative at all.
By afternoon she was feeling a lot better and seemed to have energy to spare. We assume the new found energy is caused by the transfusion she received yesterday. Gaby played on the trampoline next door for a little while. She rested for a bit in the house after her "jump" to regroup then decided she was ok to go for a bike ride. She rode with Mom & Gray across the new bridge to the corner store for a treat. We're very pleased to see she is doing so well after her big dose of chemo.
She crashed again for a while before dinner then after dinner we went to the Johnson's where Gaby roasted her first marshmallow. It was quite the sticky mess, but she seemed to enjoy it.
Big day tomorrow for Mom & Dad, we have to go to the BC Cancer clinic to meet with the radiation and hear about the treatment Gaby is going to receive, possible side effects…hope it's not too scary.

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