Gaby's Story
July 31 – August 6, 2006

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Monday July 31, 2006

We had to wake Gaby @ 7:00am today so we would have enough time to get her ready and make it to our first outpatient clinic appointment @ 9:15am. Gaby is NOT a morning person.
She was quite hungry this morning and we were in high hopes that she would make it through the day without being sick.
Well…she only made it halfway to the hospital before her stomach started to ache. Fortunately, we remembered to bring a bucket for the trip.
When we arrived at the hospital, she was feeling a little better and preceded to tell everyone that would listen about her harrowing ordeal of being awakened at the crack of dawn to come to the hospital and how she would have never been sick if it wasn't for that. She's a funny one.
She got checked out at the clinic and played in the playroom and on the internet while we waited for her results. Her white blood counts are still very low so she won't be able to go out any time soon. However, her red counts are on their way back up and she's got some energy today. We needed a prescription before heading home so while we waited Gaby visited with the nurses and doctor in TCU then went to the gift shop to pick up a couple things she's had her eye on.
Gaby was pretty tired after walking around the hospital for an hour and slept for the car ride home. She spent the afternoon digging through her things from the hospital, ate very well and wasn't sick for the rest of the day. We had a tough time getting her to sleep tonight, I think she was still a little excited about finding one of her CVC line clamps open a little earlier today. We told her the caps would keep the line closed and not to worry about it, then we taped the clamps shut just to be safe.

Tuesday August 1, 2006

It was a pretty uneventful day today. Gaby slept later than usual, didn't get up until after 9:00. She has a lot more energy today and a little more colour than the last while. She ate well today and wasn't sick at all. That was a nice change.
She's having fun hanging out with the boys but is starting to really push for a field trip. Unfortunately, she still has to hang around the house for a few days before it will be safe for her to go out.
Nana came by to visit and give Dad a break in the afternoon and we had a visit from the neighbours after dinner. Gaby was especially happy to see Sarah
She went to bed easily tonight, just the usual 50 or so questions.

Wednesday August 2, 2006

Gaby woke up after 9:00 am again and was freshening up when she noticed her lose tooth had come out. She was quite happy to lose it as it has been hanging by a thread for a long time now and she's been aching for a visit from the tooth fairy. It wasn't as exciting for Dad though, it seemed to take forever to stop the bleeding afterward and he was getting a little freaked out. We figure her platelet count must still be quite low.
Went for a visit to Nana's house where the kids watched a movie and had some snacks. Nana noticed Gaby had a runny nose but we explained it away as probably her sinuses still clearing out from being blocked for so long.
She begged to go to McDonalds for lunch and play in their play area but was told we won't be dong that for a while. She settled for the drive thru but was pretty disappointed.
When we got home the kids all played in the backyard for a while, Gaby had a lot of energy and played hard for an hour or so before she crashed. Just after dinner we noticed she was getting very pale, we took her temperature twice and she came up at 38.7 degrees (not good). We called the hospital and they asked us to pack a bag and head in as soon as possible.
By the time we got to the hospital and checked in, her temperature was already coming down (37.6). They did some blood work and didn't find anything to be concerned about. Her white counts were good but hemoglobin was down from Monday. They sent us home after 11:00 and asked that we call the clinic in the AM to see whether or not we need to come in early tomorrow for a transfusion. Whew…Gaby would not have been impressed if we had to stay the night. There was a lot of traffic from the fireworks so we didn't end up getting home until midnight. Checked her temperature again before putting her to bed (37.4). She was very tired, don't expect to see her up before 10:00am tomorrow.

Thursday August 3, 2006

Had to wake Gaby up just after 10:00 am this morning. I think she would've slept all day.
Her temperature was back to normal (36.5). She had lots of energy and was a much prettier colour than last night. Called the oncology clinic and left a message for them to call if we needed to come in for anything today. We didn't hear back from them and her counts were good so we went to Mom's work for lunch. Gaby was thrilled to be going somewhere other than the hospital for a change.
After lunch, we dropped the boys off at home and headed to the hospital for a checkup with the ENT surgeon who did her trach. He said she looked good and he didn't see any reason why we would have to see him again. Yeah! (nothing personal)
We changed the dressing and caps on her CVC for the first time today…first time at home anyway. It proved to be a much better experience than we expected. Gaby did really well, didn't put up a fuss at all. Guess she's finally getting used to all the maintenance.

Friday August 4, 2006

Gaby woke up around 9:00 am today. We knew her counts were good and she was feeling well so we decided to make the best of it. She wanted an outfit for one of her bears so we went shopping at Build A Bear.
After shopping we dropped off Mom & Gray and went to the oncology clinic for her next treatment and a checkup. The doctor said she is doing very well then talked to us about Gaby getting a feeding tube put in sometime in the next few weeks as she is going to need it for nutrition once the radiation therapy starts. The radiation therapy will more than likely give her painful sores in her mouth and throat that will keep her from being able to eat so we got some info on the surgical procedure and care of the G tube (feeding tube) so Mom & Dad can learn as much about it before it has to go in. Gaby's not thrilled about the whole thing but it will be in her best interest to get it.
When asked when we would be meeting with the radiation oncologist again, the doctor told us that she would talk to us once they have reviewed all the different options available for Gaby's condition then let us know when and where the best place is for it to happen. Where…I said. He said they may have to send her to another country if it means getting her the best possible result with the least side affects.
Since the chemo treatment today was uneventful (Gaby's not feeling sick) and she's eating well and her counts are great, we decided to take her & Gray to a movie. Gaby was very excited as she hasn't done a lot this summer and enjoyed Barnyard very much. Mom & Dad had a few laughs as well.
After the movie, she was very tired and just wanted to go home to bed.

Saturday August 5, 2006

Pretty uneventful day today. Gaby woke early, had breakfast and wanted to go shopping.
Her counts are still good today, so we took her to Ikea for a look around. While there, Mom and Gray took a spill on the wet floor. Not a fun visit, decided it was best to go home.
Grandma and Grandpa came in the afternoon to watch the kids while Mom & Dad took a break. Grandma was amazed at how much Gaby could eat and almost lost a finger trying to steal a bite off her plate. They stayed up until 10:00 watching TV and playing around.
We're glad to see she has an appetite, we'd like her to put on a few pounds in the next few weeks before the radiation starts.

Sunday August 6, 2006

Gaby was feeling kind of tired and sick today. She got up early, woke her little brother, came downstairs and ran out of steam shortly thereafter. She wouldn't eat any breakfast at all but finally ate some lunch just before noon.
She spent most of the morning laying around trying to gather more strength. By the afternoon she was feeling a little better and had a visit from Breanna S. They had a great time catching up.
After dinner, we went for Gelato and Gaby brought her friend Michael along.
Tried to get her to go to bed early but she kept getting up to complain about the heat and didn't end up falling asleep until late.

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