Gaby's Story
February 19 – 25, 2007

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Monday February 19, 2007

Gaby was very sick this morning. She couldn't keep anything down including her anti-nausea medication for the first few hours.
Later this morning, we hooked her up to the feeding machine on a very slow feed and she was able to keep that down along with some Gravol for her nausea.
She felt a bit better by early afternoon and had some bread with oil and vinegar then asked if we could go out and get some more of the bread that she likes. We went to Coopers for bread, popsicles and a few other items Gaby thought she might like then back home where she spent the remainder of the day on the sofa. If she doesn't start feeling better by tomorrow we'll have to contact the clinic to ask if it is normal for her to be so sick at this point in her treatment.
Gaby noticed some 'fuzzies' on her head this afternoon and is hoping they continue to grow and don't fall out again when she gets her next chemo on Wednesday.
She fell asleep on the sofa around 5pm and was moved up to her bed an hour of so later and was back to sleep in no time after a story from Mom.


Tuesday February 20, 2007

Gaby was up in her room for most of today. She was still very sick, so we sent an email off to the nurses at Children's to ask whether or not this is normal. The consensus seems to be that she shouldn't be this nauseous so long after chemo and they will assess her further tomorrow when she comes in. At least she won't have to be in isolation as her sniffles are gone now.
She slept for a good part of the afternoon and woke feeling a bit better but still didn't want to get out of bed. We put her back on the feeding machine again today and she has tolerated a slow feed but began feeling more nauseous as the amount was increased. She finally got moving about around 4:30 and we were able to increase the feeds again without any ill affects. She wasn't up for long though and retreated to her bed after a little more than an hour.
At dinner time, Gaby put in a good effort. She ate quite a lot more than we thought she would and was able to keep it down.
After some stretches and evening maintenance she had a relaxing bath and came out looking better than we've seen for days. She played with her Webkinz for a while and enjoyed a story from Mom before bed.
Gaby said she's not looking forward to her hospital visit tomorrow, she doesn't want to feel any sicker than she already does and knows it's going to be a tough night at the hospital.


Wednesday February 21, 2007

Gaby was up early today to get to the clinic by 10am. She was still feeling sick this morning and very tired. At the clinic there was some confusion as to whether or not Gaby should be in isolation, so Gaby watched a movie in the playroom until one of the nurses decided that it would be best to isolate Gaby in case she does have a virus.
The doctor did a thorough assessment of Gaby and found that she was severely dehydrated and had lost about 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. He also noticed a shininess in her right ear which could be an infection so he will watch that over the next few days.
Gaby was hooked up to fluids as they waited for the results of Gaby's bloodwork to see if she would be able to get chemo today. The doctor ordered an x-ray of Gaby's abdomen to see if there was any obstruction causing the vomiting and nausea. What they found was just a constipation back up in her bowels, so the doctor decided to hold the Vincristine chemo drug from now on. Gaby's counts came back okay, but the doctor decided against giving Gaby chemo due to her feeling so sick and rescheduled Gaby to come back on Friday for re-assessment and possibly chemo.
Right before Gaby was going to be released she spiked a fever and they decided to keep her overnight for observation and run cultures on her blood to look for infection. They did the RSV test again and it came back as inconclusive so they ran it a second time (and Gaby was NOT happy about that at all) and we are still awaiting the results. If she tests positive Gaby will remain in 3M and if she tests negative they will move her to the oncology ward.
Gaby is still suffering from a bad headache and just wants to sleep and not get out of bed at all. She hasn't wanted to eat or drink anything today and is just feeling horrible.
We did get a call from Make A Wish Foundation about Gaby's wish but they will have to wait until Gaby is feeling better before they can meet her. Gaby is excited about her wish opportunity but thought that because her tumour is gone she wouldn't be able to have her wish anymore. Guy assured her that she still qualifies and that seemed to make Gaby happy for a moment or two.


Thursday February 22, 2007

Gaby still very sick and having really bad headaches.
Later this morning Guy noticed Gaby couldn't move the right side of her face. That caused alarm in the doctors. RSV test came back negative, blood cultures negative so far, so no infection.
Doctor put in eye drops to look in the back of Gaby's eye to see if there was any swelling on the brain that caused the paralysis of her face. Was going to do an emergency CT if he saw any swelling in the back of her eye but he did not see any swelling which was a relief. An MRI is scheduled for the morning to see what is going on and what is causing the bad headaches. Gaby was started on steroids as a precaution. Gaby is not very happy being in the hospital and is spending most of her time resting. She is experiencing double vision which is interfering with her ability to watch TV and play on the computer. Her arms are shaky and weak.
We are anxious to find out the results of the MRI.


Friday February 23, 2007

Gaby still very sick and headaches and backaches continue. Neurology came to assess Gaby's paralysis, might be meningitis but has to see MRI first.
Went down to MRI at around 11am and after 2 hours finally was in recovery. That caused concern for us as the procedure was to only take 45 minutes. The nurse advised us of a family meeting at 2pm. MRI confirmed our worst fear; the cancer has returned. Rhabdomyosarcoma has spread into Gaby's brain fluid and spinal fluid. Leptomeningeal metastases. We were in disbelief and shock. We are devastated. Words cannot express how we are feeling at this time. They informed us that emergency radiation is to be preformed today to try to stop the cancer and relieve the pressure it is putting on Gaby's spinal nerves. We were brought to the cancer agency by ambulance. The whole planning and treatment procedure took a very long time, we were there for at least 3 hours. Gaby will have 10 radiation treatments to her brain stem and spinal column. Gaby continues to fight and her feistiness is needed to win this battle. The main focus of the doctors is to make her comfortable again, to shrink the tumours so that Gaby will be able to walk without assistance and be able to enjoy her life again but the prognosis is not good. We pray that God will listen to our prayers for a miracle.
Our oncologist will spend the weekend researching the best course of chemotherapy to target the cancer and we will know more information on that on Monday.


Saturday and Sunday February 24-25, 2007

Gaby spent most of the weekend resting.
Gaby's legs and fingers are tingling and her head and back ache constantly. The morphine helps but puts her in a semi sedated state. She tries to watch movies, paint, colour and play on Webkinz and Bratz but these activities only last for minutes at a time.
One of the nurses from TCU brought Gaby a bunch of playdough and had a fun time playing with that for a bit. Gaby's still not eating very much, so we have her on continuous feeds but she tries to eat little bits at a time. Gaby was happy to have visits from her brothers on the weekend although she was not up to playing when they were visiting. She did give Mom a make-over with her pink and purple makeup and painted Mom's nails a bright red with sparkles. She had fun doing that, but was very tired after. Gaby's frustrated with her double vision and paralysis of her right side.
We are trying to make her as happy as possible and just can't wait until she is strong enough to take her home.
Thank you all for your prayers and support. Keep praying.

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