Gaby's Story
February 12 – 18, 2007

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Monday February 12, 2006

Gaby slept very late today and woke feeling sick again. She said she didn't want to go back to the hospital though and just wants to rest at home. She settled on the sofa, we gave her some anti-nausea drugs and she was feeling fine by late morning.
By evening she was complaining of nausea again but was much better after eating a good meal. She continued to ask for different things to eat right up until bedtime. She still doesn't have nearly the energy she usually has but since her appetite is back we are hopeful she is almost past this bug.


Tuesday February 13, 2006

Once again, Gaby woke up complaining of nausea but again started feeling better after some medication. She didn't want much to eat this morning but seemed ok with us putting some food through her tube.
Our dog started feeling sick yesterday and is not much better this morning so Gaby is very concerned that we are going to lose her. We told her that it's unlikely that the dog is going anywhere but we'll take her to the vet to get her checked out. We found out that the dog is suffering from an abscessed tooth that is more than likely making her sick. The tooth will have to be pulled but the dog should be fine afterwards. Gaby (and everyone else) were happy to hear that that dog should be able to get past this without too much trouble.
Gaby went on a trip with Nana to the video store and McDonalds then back to Nana's house for a visit. She really enjoys her visits and is happy to get out of the house for a while.
She ate good today despite her nausea and went to bed fairly late as she kept asking for more to eat. We are starting to wonder if the nausea she is suffering from isn't more in her head than anything else. She's been so sick for so long we think that maybe she feels she needs something every morning to keep her from getting sick through the day and are going to try giving her a placebo tomorrow morning to see if it has the same effect on her as the anti-nausea medication.

Wednesday February 14, 2006

Gaby was once again complaining of nausea this morning. As she didn't look or feel sick to us, we gave her a placebo instead of her usual anti-nausea drugs and within a half hour she was feeling much better and stayed that way for most of the day.
Went to Nana's for a quick visit then ran a few errands before Gaby asked to go see Mom for lunch. We had lunch at BP then home for Gaby to get some rest. She was starting to look tired and wanted to lie down.
After a quick rest, Gaby got onto the computer to play one of her learning games and listened to an animated interactive story.
Within a few hours she was feeling tired again and didn't want to eat anything so we hooked her up to the feeding machine until bedtime. By then, she was feeling much better again.

Thursday February 15, 2006

This morning Gaby woke up early with a definite case of nausea (at least we got one day in without having to give her drugs). She spent most of the morning either in bed or on the sofa and thankfully only had one instance where she was sick. We gave her the anti-nausea medication and she felt good again within an hour. The medication works well but since she started having to take it regularly we've found that she's had more headaches and has experienced a lot of dizziness so it's not something we want to give her unless we have too.
Gaby wanted to try IHOP for lunch and since she hasn't been eating much lately we hoped that she would eat well there. She ate very well, didn't stop until she was stuffed. She said she is very full of IHOP now and won't need to come back for a while.
We came home to find Valentine cards and treats from her friends at school. She was overjoyed and a bit emotional to see that they had been thinking of her. She really missed being at school for Valentines day.
This afternoon Gaby got through her dressing and caps change without any fuss at all. It's the first time in a while that she hasn't had some kind of break down during the process. She said she tried really hard to not freak out and Dad was very grateful for her effort.
Gaby ate very well at dinner and was happy to have a nice long bath tonight before bed. After her bath Gaby complained of a headache and she went straight to sleep after a story and snuggles with Mom.

Friday February 16, 2006

Unfortunately, Gaby is still feeling ill in the mornings. Having to take anti-nausea medication seems to have become a necessary evil to keep her from being sick throughout the day. She's coping with the increased headaches and dizziness associated with the medication.
She spent most of the day resting but managed to get some reading in and played with her 'school' computer program for a while as well.
This evening, she had Hannah D over for a sleep over. Gaby was very excited to have a friend over and after a quick trip to the mall with Mom to have dinner and pick up some treats they settled into Gaby's room to play. They spent the rest of the night playing with Hannah's Webkinz and watching a movie and then settled into bed around 10pm.

Saturday February 17, 2006

Gaby's still not feeling great again this morning but felt better shortly after getting her morning medication.
Her and Hannah ate breakfast, watched a little bit of a movie but decided to play game cube with Grayson until Hannah went home.
This afternoon, Gaby and Mom went to the mall for a little while then home for a quick dinner before we went to church. Gaby hasn't been well enough to go to church for a while and was pretty excited to be there.
After church, she was feeling very tired so decided to get into her PJ's and watch a movie in bed. She fell asleep within a half an hour of putting the movie on.

Sunday February 18, 2006

Gaby was up before 8am and crawled into Mom and Dad's bed with bucket in tow. Needless to say, she's still not feeling great. After a few minutes snuggling with Mom, Gaby and Mom moved to Gaby's room to watch a movie. Gaby said she wasn't feeling dizzy today, which is a welcome relief, but still was fighting with nausea and a headache.
After her medications, Gaby had a little bit of breakfast but spent most of the morning in her bed. She spent most of the afternoon resting and after dinner felt tired and decided to crawl back into bed to watch a movie and fall asleep.
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