Gaby's Story
January 29 – February 4, 2007

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Monday January 29, 2007

Gaby was not interested in getting out of bed this morning so it took some time to get her going. Funny that she gets up at the crack of dawn every day except those days that she has to go to the hospital.
We arrived at the hospital @ 9:20 for Gaby's appointment with occupational therapy to have her splints made. It took a few hours for the splints to be made up and we picked up some supplies while we were there. Gaby got through the procedure very well and didn't mind wearing the splints before we left. She was very happy that she got to pick the colour for the straps, pink of course.
Once home, Gaby finished her lunch, we picked up Gray and started with the 'first day' procedure for her new splints. Again she didn't complain at all except for when she wanted to go get something from her room and couldn't because she's not allowed to walk in the splints. The splints aren't giving her ankles, feet or legs any pressure point problems so we're going to have her to try to wear them for the entire night tonight. The therapist said she would like Gaby to wear them for at least 8 hours per day so wearing them through the night would be best. Hopefully, they won't cause her too much grief.

Tuesday January 30 , 2007

Gaby's splints worked well overnight. She found them to be a little annoying and had a hard time getting to sleep but wore them for the entire night.
Gaby had fun on another visit to Nana's again today then went to her school to drop off and pick up some school work.
She's been more stuffy and has sneezed more today than she has done in a few days. Hopefully, not so much that she will have to miss her chemo again. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the test reveals tomorrow morning. We're really hoping she's past the RSV infection and can get on with her protocol.

Wednesday January 31 , 2007

It was difficult to get Gaby moving this morning. She took her time getting ready to go but we managed to make it to the hospital by 10:15am.
At the hospital, Gaby was put into isolation until her blood work results come back. If the counts are good they will run the RSV test again to see if she still has the virus. Gaby was not happy about being kept in isolation again but was thrilled when child life brought her in some crafts and stuff to keep her busy.
She also had a visit from the psychologist again today, Gaby enjoys their time together. It's nice to hear that Gaby has been very open about all she's been feeling.
Gaby's counts came back early afternoon and were good enough for her to receive chemo so they ran the RSV test and had physio come to assess her while we waited for the results. Physio was happy with her mobility so she was ok'd for that part of her chemo.
The RSV test came back a short time later but was inconclusive. They didn't want to put Gaby through the test again and since her cold symptoms are better than last week the Doctor felt she would be good to receive all her chemo today. Still, they decided to treat Gaby as if she was still carrying RSV and put her on a different ward in isolation just to be safe.
Grandma came for a visit and brought with her a list of stuff Gaby wanted to eat. She tried to eat but was starting to feel rough and didn't have the appetite for much.
Gaby had a few symptoms this time around that we've never seen before. Her tongue had a weird numbness that would come and go, she looked very pale and blotchy and had some dizziness. The doctor came by and told us that it was more than likely a side effect of the Vincristine and to keep an eye on it. We'll ask again tomorrow if the problems persist. She started getting sick around 9:00pm (couple of times), much earlier than normal for her. As she was feeling sick, she decided it would be best to just close her eyes and go to sleep. We put her splints on for a few hours tonight but didn't want the extra step of removing and replacing them every two hours tonight so we kept them off after her second trip to the washroom.

Thursday February 1 , 2007

Gaby was very cranky through the night as she had to get up every hour or two to go to the washroom last night.
She felt pretty lousy today but managed to keep her stomach under control for the most part and only got sick a couple of times today. She had no appetite to speak of today and is very sensitive to smells again. Just having a cup of coffee in her room was enough to set her off.
Gaby's face (especially her right eye and lips) became very puffy over night but thankfully started going away by late morning and was almost back to normal by the time we left this evening. She has what looks like some radiation recall again as well. She's got very dry red skin around her eyes that we believe will go away over the next couple of days.
There is still the tingling feeling in her tongue today and she is now feeling it in her hands and forearms as well. The doctors still feel it is a side effect of the Vincristine and won't worry about it unless it gets worse. They are confident the symptoms will go away in the next few days.
Gaby had a bit of trouble with her insuflon being put in and her dressing getting changed today but did well overall considering she was feeling sick and hadn't slept all night. She got released about 5:30 and informed us that she had to have fish from Red Robin. So…we had to make a quick stop on the way home to pick that up.
Once home, she ate quite a bit of her fish and fries and was feeling only slightly nauseous by the time she asked to go lie down. She laid in bed and watched a movie with big brother Zack until she fell asleep.

Friday February 2 , 2007

Not surprisingly, Gaby slept very late today. She was feeling quite nauseous first thing this morning but much better after having her anti-nausea medication and some breakfast.
She really wanted to go see Mom and have lunch at Boston Pizza so we headed there for lunch. She ordered many of the things she's been craving but in the end couldn't eat more than a few bites before feeling sick again.
Gaby started complaining of jaw pain and a sore throat this afternoon. She needed to use the popsicle sticks for a while to stretch her mouth open before the pain subsided a bit and had some frozen treats to help with the sore throat.
For dinner, she was hoping for calamari and was a little disappointed when Mom wouldn't go get her some. In the end, she was okay with finishing off some of the leftovers she's been accumulating over the last few days.
Gaby is still feeling very tired from the chemo and spent a lot of time resting on the sofa today watching movies then went up to her bed around 6:00 and fell asleep shortly thereafter.

Saturday February 3 , 2007

Gaby woke at 7:00 am but it was still dark and everyone was still in bed so she crawled into bed with Mom and Dad for awhile. After a few minutes Mom took her back to her own bed and she slept until 8:30am.
Within a few minutes of being up again she was sick and decided to stay in bed for a little while longer. After taking her anti-nausea medication Gaby felt better for a couple hours but was sick again around 11:30am. She played video games with her brothers for awhile but retreated to her room to play with her Webkinz.
Gaby started feeling better by late afternoon and requested calamari again. Since Dad was out he picked some up on his way back home. She ate quite a bit and was happy to finally get some of her new favourite food.
After dinner, Gaby crawled back into bed with a movie and spent a quiet evening resting.

Sunday February 4 , 2007

Gaby woke around 8:30am and was feeling quite sick again. She managed to eat a bit of breakfast and watch some cartoons but soon went back upstairs to rest.
She spent pretty much the whole day resting and playing games with Grayson then after dinner crawled into bed to watch a movie. After the movie Gaby got ready for bed, spent some time talking to Mom and snuggling and then fell asleep.
The last couple big doses of chemo Gaby's had are keeping her down much longer than they did at the beginning of her treatment. We're thankful she hasn't had any fevers this time around but are concerned at how long it takes her to get back on her feet.
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