Gaby's Story
January 22 – 28, 2007

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Monday January 22, 2007

Gaby was up before anyone this morning and had a lot of energy.
We're still not having a lot of luck getting Gaby to do any homework. She wasn't interested in doing anything when asked today. It even took a long time to get her to eat lunch as she was refusing to eat until she was allowed to go on the computer and watch TV. Eventually, she gave up on her demands and had a bit to eat.
In the afternoon, auntie Denise, Nana and cousins Krysta, Robbie and William came over for a visit and they had fun playing around the house and with the dog.
By this evening, Gaby was quite tired from all the activity today but finally agreed that she would get some school work done tomorrow while visiting Nana's house. She ate well at dinner time and went to bed early.


Tuesday January 23, 2007

Gaby spent most of the day at Nana's today. She enjoyed watching movies with Nana and playing at Webkinz world. She also managed to get some of her homework done while she was there.
She ate well again today, it's a good thing as she won't be feeling very good after chemo tomorrow.
She still has a bit of a runny nose and some dark circles under her eyes left over from when she was sick but her mobility is good so she should get her chemo as scheduled tomorrow and will be in hospital over night.


Wednesday January 24, 2007

We were up and out of the house pretty early today to make it to the hospital for Gaby's chemo treatment today.
Because Gaby still has a few lingering symptoms from when she was sick, she was put into isolation until the doctor could have a look at her and decide whether or not she was at risk of getting sick again or pass something on to the other patients. He decided to keep her in isolation and have her checked again for RSV (a nasty virus) but otherwise felt she would be ok to get chemo today. She wasn't thrilled about having the nasal test done again (it never worked the first few times) but she made it through the procedure without any trouble. Physio also came by to assess her and found she had shown definite improvement in her mobility but felt she would still benefit from night splints so we are going to call tomorrow to make arrangements to have some made up.
After lunch, the RSV test came back positive for the virus. Nuts! Not the result we were hoping for. So…the doctor came back to let us know that it would be too big of a risk to suppress Gaby's immune system with chemo while she was still fighting this virus. It would give the virus another chance to come back and possibly move into her lungs which would land her back in ICU. She really likes visiting ICU but would rather not be a resident again so we came home and will try for chemo again next week. That will make it 4 weeks since Gaby has been in good enough shape to have a chemo treatment.
The trip wasn't an entire bust though, Gaby ate pretty well while we were there and she did need the fluids she got from the hydration she received in preparation for the chemo she never got.
Gaby was very happy to be sent home from the hospital today and spent the remainder of the day taking it easy at home.


Thursday January 25, 2007

Gaby was up early again this morning. She still looks tired, has a bit of a runny nose and is complaining of headaches…but is in good spirits. She asked if Gray could stay home and hang out with her today and he was happy to do so. They spent most of the day playing games and drawing pictures.
We made an appointment for Gaby to see the occupational therapist on Monday to have night splints made. They will help keep her ankles stretched while she sleeps. She's not happy about having to wear them but we're sure she'll get used to them in no time. It's certainly not the worst thing she's had to do.
She ate pretty good today but we put her on the feeding machine anyway just to make sure she is getting all she needs to fight the virus.
Gaby gave us a really tough time doing her dressing change this evening (very dramatic). She hasn't been that difficult at home for a long time so we're hoping this won't be a regular performance.


Friday January 26, 2007

Gaby woke up hoping that we could go out and do something today so we ran a few errands for Mom than brought the stuff we picked up for her out to her work. Not exactly what Gaby was hoping for but at least we got out for a while.
We had some lunch while visiting Mom and Gaby and Gray checked out her new office and gave her a couple of plants they picked out for her.
After lunch, we came home and played in the park for a little while before Gaby asked to go inside. She got a bit more of her school work done but wasn't really interested in doing much. She felt sick again and was stuffed up as well. Tonight, she enjoyed cozying up to her big brothers on the sofa while watching a movie before bed.


Saturday January 27, 2007

Gaby woke up early and was feeling pretty good this morning. After breakfast, Mom, Gaby and Gray went to pick up Zack from his soccer game. Gaby wanted to go and watch the end of the game but after walking to the field she was feeling tired so Zack carried her back to the truck.
After lunch and some quiet time, Gaby was feeling good again and wanted to go to the park. Gaby rode her scooter to the park and was happy to swing on the swings for a bit but she got tired quickly and wanted to go home.
Gaby has been having a lot of constipation lately and has been having a very difficult time going to the bathroom and after 45 minutes on the toilet this afternoon all she wanted to do was go to bed. She had a nap for a couple hours and then had dinner and watched Cinderella and then was back to sleep by 9pm.


Sunday January 28, 2007

Gaby woke up early again this morning and was feeling good despite her problems with constipation. She finally was able to have a b.m. and drank a bunch of prune juice because she is adamant she doesn't want to go through this again. She's been suffering with this for 2 weeks and says it was the worst pain she has ever felt.
Gaby decided she would have a long hot bath later this morning to ease the discomfort of the pressure she had been feeling in her back and stomach from the constipation. She felt much better after and had good energy when we went to Nana's work for a visit and to pick up a cabinet for Mom's work. After running around the store and trying out every sofa in the place Gaby was ready to leave to go get a snack. We went and picked up some groceries and Gaby picked out a couple of snacks for later.
After dinner Gaby watched a movie with Gray and had her snacks that she picked out earlier. She was not easy to get to sleep tonight and needed more snuggles than usual. She's probably a little stressed about getting the splints done tomorrow.

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