Gaby's Story
January 15 – 21, 2007

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Monday January 15, 2007

Gaby was up early today to see Mom off to work then she ate a good breakfast before settling on the sofa for a while. Once she woke up 'completely', we went through her morning routine and found the stretching we've been doing on her legs has improved the range of motion in her ankles and she said the stretches don't bother her as much as they did when we first started. It's nice to see the stretches and skipping the Vincristine has helped.
Dad called the school district to find out about home instruction for Gaby but was told that they cancelled that program years ago and there isn't anything available now. So...since Gaby has come to the point where she isn't interested in getting taught by Mom or Dad we'll have to see if she responds to work and instruction being sent home from her teacher at school.
This afternoon, Gaby helped Grayson with his computer game and then played on Webkinz herself. After dinner Gaby worked on some school work she received from the teacher at Children's hospital and enjoyed doing the word search.
Gaby ate pretty well today but asked to be put on a feed at bedtime. We didn't think it was necessary as she'd eaten well today so she settled for some prune juice and water through her tube.


Tuesday January 16, 2007

Not much to tell today. Gaby had a great day. She is moving around very well now and has been in great spirits today. She'll be going into the clinic tomorrow and will hopefully be able to get the chemo she's been missing the last couple of weeks now that she's walking better and isn't complaining of aching and sore legs.
Gaby received a singing bear in the mail from Mrs. Poole in California. She loves the bear and played with it over and over again until everyone knew all the words then settled it in a 'special' spot in her room until tomorrow.
She started feeling a little tired after dinner tonight so she spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching a movie with Dad.


Wednesday January 17, 2007

Gaby was up really early this morning and went straight to the sofa to lay down and complain that she was 'sooooo tired'. She wasn't interested in going back to bed so we're thinking she'll be ready for bed early tonight.
Her visit to the clinic today was good. The doctor is happy with her improvement but wanted to give her one more week without Vincristine and said she will be getting it for sure next Wednesday when she goes into the hospital for an overnight visit. The doctor is also going to setup a visit with the dental group at the hospital soon to have a look at her jaw as Gaby has had some trouble with it lately.
On the way home from the clinic, Gaby decided that she wanted Subway then fell asleep with it on her lap and didn't eat any of it until we got home. The nap did her some good, she had a lot more energy when she woke up. Looks like she won't be going to bed early after all.
Tonight, she had a good time running around the house playing with the boys and had a few laughs watching the characters on American Idol before bed.
Tomorrow, she'll be back at the hospital early for an appointment with the ophthalmologist to do further checks on her eyes.


Thursday January 18, 2007

Gaby was not impressed at having to get up so early to get to our appointment with the ophthalmologist at children's hospital. She was very tired and slept for the entire trip to Vancouver.
The testing to check the positioning and muscles in her eyes was first and showed no problems then we had to a couple of hours to wait to see the ophthalmologist. (they were very busy today) The doctor gave Gaby another exam then put drops into her eyes to open her pupils. Gaby said the drops burned a lot and she will never let them do that again. We waited a half hour for the drops to work then went in for another exam. The doctor said that she can't find any damage to Gaby's eyes that would be the result of radiation and apart from being slightly near sighted and having an astigmatism in her right eye she tested fine. Whew! The doctor still asked to see her in 6 months to check her over again but is not worried about anything at this point.
Came home and played with Grayson
Didn't have much of an appetite today but when given a choice between eating on her own or getting fed through her tube she decided she would really like to have a hamburger.
She ate pretty well again at dinner and had fun playing video games with Phil and Grayson. Before bed, she started running a bit of a temperature but thankfully it was gone by 2:00 am and didn't come back.


Friday January 19, 2007

Gaby slept a bit later than usual today and woke in a great mood again. Seems that her mood swings have calmed some since the Vincristine has been held. She had a light breakfast (wasn't hungry) then we headed to Nana's for a short visit this morning and then ran some errands with Dad. By noon she was getting hungry and asked if she could go to Earl's for lunch. She hasn't eaten great the last few days so as long as she'll eat we'll take her pretty much anywhere she'd like. She certainly held up to her end of the bargain, haven't seen her go through that much food for a very long time.
After lunch, we came home and Gaby rested on the sofa for a while before going to the school for a little visit and to pick up some homework. When we got to the school, she played quite shy but said afterwards that she was happy to see everyone and was glad that she got to be there for story time and to draw a picture of space.
This evening wasn't very exciting. The kids played games and watched a movie Gaby borrowed from Nana before heading to bed.


Saturday January 20, 2007

Gaby had a pretty uneventful day, she slept very late, got some of her homework done then played on the computer and with her brothers for the rest of the day.
She had a bit of an upset stomach today but no fever or any other problems so we are just going to monitor her.
Tonight, we went to Church and afterwards Gaby was feeling hungry and asked for McDonalds. She ate most of her happy meal and didn't complain of an upset stomach again until just before she went to bed. She sat up in her room and watched a movie and by the time she was ready to go to sleep she said her tummy wasn't bothering her anymore.


Sunday January 21, 2007

Gaby was still feeling tired when she woke up this morning but soon mustered some energy when she remembered she had Hannah D's birthday party today. The birthday party was at Jungle Jac's in Pitt Meadows and Gaby was very excited to be going there. She was happy to see all her friends again and had a great time playing with everyone. Gaby got tired pretty quickly and took frequent breaks in between climbing and sliding. She made it through the whole party without incident but was very tired on the way home.
The rest of the afternoon Gaby played with her brothers then settled into her bed to watch a movie. Gaby ate really well today, she must be getting stocked up before her big dose of chemo on Wednesday.

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