Gaby's Story
January 8 – 14, 2007

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Monday January 8, 2007

Gaby woke with little energy again today. She perked up for about a half hour in the morning then settled on the sofa for most of the day. She was hoping to have the energy to go out for a while today but it didn't work out. Maybe tomorrow.
Gaby's appetite wasn't much better today either so Dad hooked her up to the feeding machine for quite a while to make sure she's getting nutrition.
In the afternoon we got Gaby off the sofa and onto the elliptical trainer for a few minutes just to keep everything working. She wasn't thrilled about the short workout but it's for her own good. Her jaw has been hurting when she yawns so we've started using stacked popsicle sticks to help stretch everything back to normal.
Overall, not a very exciting day. Gaby spent the entire day being very tired. We haven't seen her this tired for a long time and are hoping she hasn't picked up a bug over the last few days.


Tuesday January 9, 2007

Gaby was a bit sick overnight and had a temperature of 38.5 this morning. We monitored it for a couple of hours and found it was continuing to go up (39.4) so we called the oncology clinic and they asked us to bring her in to get checked out.
After spending all day in isolation at the clinic Gaby was moved upstairs for observation and fluids. Her counts are extremely low and she probably has a flu or virus of some sort. They are running cultures on her blood to see if they can find anything. Regardless, she will be in the hospital for up to 4 days, possibly longer depending on how she's feeling and her blood work. Her face is beginning to get puffy again and finally a doctor explained that it has to do with the weakened blood vessels in her face, so the swelling will come down in the next few days, as it did before.
Gaby is resting comfortably and is happy that she won't have to be woken up every two hours, like when she gets her big doses of chemo.


Wednesday January 10, 2007

Gaby continued to have high temperatures overnight, but was given Tylenol to control them. She was still feeling sick this morning and just wanted to sleep. Gaby was put on continuous feeds through her G-tube to make sure she is getting nutrition as well as fluids. She was also put on antibiotics as a precaution. The Tylenol had brought Gaby's fever down during the day and she was feeling a bit better in the afternoon to go out of her room briefly to see the snow.
Gaby's face swelling was worse this morning but her fluids had to be increased due to the antibiotics. Her counts continue to fall and are still extremely low. They decided to give her a transfusion and run more tests for infection so they took a swab of her nose. She didn't like that very much.
Physio came by to evaluate Gaby's condition for chemo, she has been walking better lately but they will test her flexibility. The physiotherapist did not clear Gaby for chemo today, but will re-evaluate her again tomorrow.
The swelling in Gaby's face was a bit better by afternoon and she was able to watch a bit of TV and at dinner time Gaby was able to nibble on a couple snacks, but didn't eat anything substantial. The G-tube nurse swapped the G-tube in Gaby for a new one, we will keep the G-tube in place until chemo is completely finished.
Gaby is looking forward to Grandma's visit tonight to hear some more of Grandma's special stories about when she was young and living on the farm.


Thursday January 11, 2007

Gaby was feeling sick again this morning and slept until around 11:30am. She has not had much energy at all but Dad took Gaby for a walk to the doorway so she could look outside at the snow. Her fever is still hanging around but is now low-grade and is still under observation.
Gaby was complaining of jaw pain today which is the result of the radiation scar tissue. She will have to keep up on her jaw exercises so the nurse found some tongue depressors for Gaby to use to stretch her jaw. Gaby was also complaining that her new G-tube was really sore and uncomfortable. The G-tube nurse was to come by and look at it today but didn't make it, so hopefully she will come by tomorrow and have the tube adjusted. The nurse had to re-do the nasal swab they did yesterday as the test didn't work, so Gaby was really thrilled to have that done again. Physio came by and did another assessment and confirmed that Gaby has not improved enough to go ahead with the chemo, so it will be looked at again tomorrow. We will have to keep doing daily stretching on her legs and ankles for quite a while. After all that activity this afternoon Gaby had a chance to watch some TV and do some colouring. Dad also met one of the teachers that works at the hospital and received some very useful information about how to get Gaby caught up on her school work. We are relatively concerned about her schooling due to the fact that she will be missing more school in the next couple months.
The results of the MRI from last week were great, still all clear. YEAH!
By early evening Gaby was feeling a bit better and managed to eat some Ketchup chips that Grandma and Grandpa Mel brought for her.


Friday January 12, 2007

Gaby was feeling a bit better today, the fevers were low but steady at around 37.5 for most of the day. We are still waiting to see the G-tube nurse as Gaby is still complaining of pain at the sight and it is looking very red and aggravated.
Gaby's spirits are getting back to normal and she has a bit more energy. She was able to do some activities today in her room as well as watch a couple movies to pass time. Gaby was on the feeding machine all day again but managed to eat a bit today; fruit roll up, chips and dunk-a-roo's, if you can call that food. She will need to start eating real food and get off the feeding machine before they will allow her to go home. Looks like she will be there until Monday. Mom and boys came out for a visit and Gaby was very happy to see them. Mom and Gaby spent some time doing her nails and then some school work. She especially liked the counting money exercises (maybe she'll take on the career path of Mom). One of the writing exercises ask her to finish a sentence "I liked the first grade because" and Gaby added "I had the best teachers". She really misses her teachers from last year but quickly added that she would like to be in kindergarten again, because she didn't have to read as much. Gaby also really misses her friends at school and hopes to see them all very soon.
All the boys went for dinner and when they returned Gaby and Gray played a game that Physio had brought by. They had fun throwing bean bags around the room and chasing after them, but Gaby got tired pretty quickly and had to rest.
Gaby had a good evening visiting with her brothers and Mom and can't wait to be back home again. She went to bed pretty late tonight due to the late visit.


Saturday January 13, 2007

Gaby woke up relatively early today and was feeling much better. Her counts came back very good this morning and because she didn't have any fever to speak of overnight, we were told that she could go home today. Although we were happy that we got the all clear to be released, Dad wasn't leaving until the problem with Gaby's G-Tube was resolved. The area around her G-Tube site was still very painful to her and it was impossible to clean the area without holding her down and having her scream the entire time. Dad spoke to her nurse about getting someone in to look at it before we could leave and they had a surgical nurse and then a surgeon come in to look at it. They decided to take out some of the water from the balloon that holds the tube in place and within an hour of the procedure Gaby was no longer feeling pain from the site. Too bad this couldn't have been done a few days ago when Gaby first started complaining, it would have saved her a lot of discomfort. Oh well, it's done now and we got to go home earlier than expected. Yeah!!
As soon as Gaby saw all the snow around the house she asked if she could go play outside. Nice to hear she was feeling well enough to go out. She didn't last very long playing in the snow but thoroughly enjoyed what time she had. She is still a bit stiff and sore in the legs but we are hopeful they will continue to get better now that she is feeling up to moving about more.
Gaby was clearly happy to be home and equally as happy to be able to go to church for the first time in a while. She always enjoys her time there. Once home from church she was looking pretty tired and went to sleep early. (after a long chat and some snuggles with Mom)


Sunday January 14, 2007

Gaby felt pretty good today. She went outside to play in snow for a little while again and had a much better appetite than we've seen in a while.
She still has a runny nose and was complaining of a sore ear this evening but doesn't have any fever to speak of and her ears look clear.
Her mobility has improved considerably since the G-Tube was adjusted, she even ran up the stairs today.
Her counts will have more than likely come down since her GCSF was stopped and there is more than a few colds going around so she won't be able to go to school any time soon. We're going to try the school district again about having a teacher come by our house to provide some teaching for Gaby. By the end of the day she was worn out and went to bed early.

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