Gaby's Story
January 1 – 7, 2007

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Monday January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Gaby slept quite late today. Good thing as she was up very late last night bringing in the New Year. She complained again about having double vision in her right eye. It happened just as she was waking up this morning and went away once she'd been up for a few minutes. It's still a concern and if it happens again tomorrow we will have to call the doctor to see if there is anything they can do about it.
She didn't have a great deal of energy today and spent most of the day playing on the computer, with her Barbie's and watching TV. Her appetite was still good today but she asked to be hooked up to the feeding machine at dinner time. Very strange request as she hasn't been using her feeding tube on a regular basis for some time now. We didn't argue with her, she just needs to eat and as long as she's getting some nutrition why make a fuss.
She was running a fever again this afternoon but still hasn't reached the point of calling the hospital. She's not looking really tired or pale and isn't complaining of headaches so we're not overly concerned at the moment but will keep an eye on her throughout the night again.


Tuesday January 2, 2007

Gaby slept late again today and woke without any double vision complaints.
The power went out so the kids gathered around Gaby's portable DVD player and watched Veggie Tales for awhile. Then Gaby went to Nana's for a visit while the boys went for hair cuts. The kids asked to go to IHOP for dinner tonight but even though Gaby was looking forward to it she did not eat very well. However, around 8pm Gaby asked Mom for a snack and proceeded to eat everything in sight, bacon, mac and cheese, freezie, popcorn, crackers, milk, juice…it was nice to see she found her appetite.
At bedtime Gaby was complaining about pain in her legs and wanted a magic bag which made them feel better.


Wednesday January 3, 2007

Gaby was up early today to get to the hospital for an overnight stay. We arrived at 9:30 and she got hooked up for hydration and had her blood work done shortly thereafter. Gaby was then evaluated by her doctor who showed concern over the worsening side effects from the Vincristine (one of the chemotherapy drugs) she's been getting and wanted her to be evaluated by the physiotherapist before deciding whether or not to give this chemo to her this week. She continued to get hydration to prep her for one of the other chemo drugs she gets today and watched movies and drew pictures in the playroom while waiting for her counts to come back. She then had a visit from the psychologist, who said they had a good visit and the physiotherapist came by to evaluate her. The physiotherapist felt that the effects she is seeing in Gaby are quite noticeable and believed it to be in Gaby's best interest to forgo the Vincristine this week. Her doctor agreed and said she would have to continue to be evaluated week to week to see if she can get the Vincristine.
Gaby's counts came back and were good enough for her to get her other two chemo drugs. They started her on the one drug but while she was waiting for the other she had an episode in the playroom where she felt dizzy, said her face felt weird, then felt faint and almost fell off her chair. Gaby was evaluated again by another doctor and was given further blood test that revealed nothing out of the ordinary. She spent the rest of her time in the clinic resting in one of the beds before moving upstairs.
Once upstairs, she ate some mac & cheese, ice cream and cookie before Grandma came by for a visit. She had another craving for bacon so Dad went down to the cafeteria and picked her up a few slices to appease her then went for a break while Grandma and her hung out. We began to notice she was having episodes of flushed and blotchy cheeks. They would last only a moment or two before going away and eventually stopped coming around 3:00 am. We were told it was probably nothing to be concerned about but we should let the doctor know if they stick around for longer periods of time or if they are accompanied by a fever.
Gaby talked with Mom for a while tonight then fell asleep around 9:30 while watching a movie. She's was a little annoyed when Dad woke her an hour later to go pee but was really happy when she heard the nurse brought her a commode for the night so she wouldn't have to make the long walk to the bathroom. With her having to get up every two hours to go pee, the commode helped Gaby to get the best 'hospital' sleep she's had while getting continuous fluids through the night.


Thursday January 4, 2007

It was a busy day in the hospital for Gaby today. She was pretty tired and cranky this morning but didn't start feeling sick until the afternoon and even then only actually got sick twice. Quite good for her.
We had a visit from the nutritionist who arranged to have the G-Tube nurse follow up with us next week to have Gaby's G-Tube replaced.
Gaby's MRI, that was scheduled for tomorrow, got moved to this morning. Dad was not looking forward to getting Gaby up very early tomorrow to bring her back to the hospital for the MRI so this worked out great and now Gaby can sleep late tomorrow and get some much needed rest.
She then met with the Ophthalmologist to evaluate her double vision problem. He said he couldn't find any evidence of nerve problems in her eyes and said her vision was in fact very good. He was relieved to hear that Gaby's double vision was intermittent and not constant as that would have meant she had a more serious problem. Gaby was less than thrilled to have the eye drops put in for the examination as she was feeling a bit sick but overall she handled everything pretty well. She didn't eat at all throughout the day today and only drank a few ounces of water but once we left the hospital at 6:15 she started asking for something to eat and wanted cheese bread and fish & chips from Red Robin. We had Mom call ahead with Gaby's order and made a quick detour to pick it up on our way home. Gaby ate almost all of it and wasn't feeling the slightest bit sick afterward. (We're sure Red Robin will be happy to hear that)
Her face is very swollen and red today but we couldn't get a reasonable explanation as to why and will just have to keep an eye on it. By 7:00 pm the swelling was already coming down so it is less of a concern to us now. Although Gaby was very tired and wanted to go to bed right after dinner, she still managed to talk Mom's ear off for a half hour before drifting off to sleep.


Friday January 5, 2007

Gaby slept late today and was still tired when she woke up. She's still feeling pretty lousy and had a hard time keeping anything down. Needless to say, she wasn't interested in eating anything this morning. Gaby settled herself on the sofa for a few hours before getting her appetite back in the afternoon.
Her face was still quite swollen this morning but had come down slightly by this evening. The swelling is still a bit of a concern to us so we're thinking of calling the oncologist if the swelling isn't gone by tomorrow.
Gaby ate a pretty good dinner tonight and fell asleep right after. Mom moved her to her bed around 7:30 and she got a little cranky but fell back to sleep shortly thereafter.


Saturday January 6, 2007

Gaby woke this morning feeling sick. The swelling has gone down a lot since yesterday, but her eye is still a bit puffy. We are not as concerned about her eye today, as it seems to be going away on its own.
Gaby had a quiet day around the house and felt good for moments at a time but still not great. She managed to play hide and seek with her brothers for awhile but went up to bed early and watched movies in her room. The last couple rounds of chemo she's had have really taken their toll on her.


Sunday January 7, 2007

Gaby slept in today but was still feeling sick when she awoke. The swelling around her eye is pretty much back to normal now. She did not eat well at all today. She spent most of the day resting and at 5pm decided she wanted to go to the mall. Gaby and Mom went to the mall where Gaby wanted to spend some of her Christmas money. She bought some lip gloss and nail polish and then we visited her favourite store, Build-A-Bear. She picked out some bunny slippers for her bunny and a little outfit for her unicorn. She got tired very quickly and we left after a quick ride on the little merry-go-round. As we were leaving Gaby asked if she could have "the carrots with the crunchy stuff on them with soy sauce" so we went and picked her up some tempura for dinner. She didn't eat very much of it before she'd had enough and was feeling quite tired so she watched TV for a bit then went to bed. Dad offered to hook her up to the feeding machine but she said she hopes to be feeling well enough to eat more tomorrow and wanted to wait until then.

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