Gaby's Story
December 25 – 31, 2006

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  Monday December 25, 2006

 Merry Christmas Everyone 

Thank you all for helping to make this a wonderful Christmas for our family. It has been a pretty tough year for us and we are very grateful for all the support we've received to help us through. It was not so long ago that we weren't even sure if Gaby would be here at all. Not only is she here but has enjoyed one of her best Christmas's ever.


  Tuesday December 26, 2006

Gaby slept late today and had a much needed rest after the last two days of excitement. She had a pretty quiet day playing with her new toys and watching Ice Age 2, which she thought was really funny. She has been a little emotional today and wanted to spend time alone. Went to bed at a reasonable time tonight as she has chemo in the morning. We're hoping to find out her counts are on their way back up.


  Wednesday December 27, 2006

Gaby was up early today to make it to her clinic visit by 10:00. She was pretty excited to have Mom & Grayson coming out today and her and Gray sang songs and played the entire way to the hospital. At the hospital, Gaby was in a great mood and didn't put up a fuss through any of her regular procedures. We found her counts are still slightly low but are good enough to take her off the GCSF after today's injection. There is still some concern over the effects the Vincristine is having on her but it was decided to continue with the chemo anyway and to keep evaluating her week to week to see if the dose needs to be adjusted or stopped for a time. The stretches on her legs seem to be helping but we can still see that she is making a noticeable effort to not stumble when walking.
Gaby had a bit of a problem getting her injection done tonight. The last couple of injections have been somewhat painful for her so she wasn't interested at all in having it done. She's quite happy that she won't have to get another injection until Thursday next week.


  Thursday December 28, 2006

Gaby was not in a great mood this morning and had little outbursts throughout the day. It seems to us that she goes through a lot more mood swings the first few days after getting chemo. We'll have to mention it to the doctor again on Wednesday.
Gaby's counts will be good by today so we took her and Gray to Toys R Us to exchange one of Gray's presents and let them pick up a couple of games for the Playstation the kids received from Wilden Pump & Engineering. They are very excited to get playing on it and are very grateful to Wilden for their generosity.
Changing Gaby's CVC dressing tonight was a bit of a challenge as she wasn't in the mood to have it done. She kicked up a bit of a fuss but realized pretty quickly that it was going to be done with or without her cooperation and decided to help with the procedure instead of fight. Gaby was complaining she was tired and played quietly for some time and went to bed relatively early tonight.


  Friday December 29, 2006

Gaby had a pretty uneventful day today. She was up very early to see Mom off to work and she was in much better spirits than we've seen the last couple of days. She still felt quite tired and didn't want to do much more than lay around the house and play games. Mom and Gaby spent some quiet time today playing board games while the boys played video games and cleaned the garage.
Gaby ate very well at dinner and the sores in her mouth that were bothersome yesterday are getting better so she was able to tolerate drinking some juice.


  Saturday December 30, 2006

Gaby slept late today and was excited that Uncle Rodney, Auntie Ainsley and the kids were coming over today. She enjoyed seeing everyone and had an especially good time playing with Kianna. The first time in a little while that we've seen her in a good mood the entire day.
Gaby had no complaints, no nausea, no fevers and a good appetite, what more could we ask for.


  Sunday December 31, 2006

Went to Grandpa and Grandma Norma's house this afternoon. When we arrived there Gaby was complaining that she was seeing double out of her right eye. After a few minutes her eyesight went back to normal, but this is a few times she's mentioned it now and it has become a concern to us. We will have to speak to the doctor about it on Wednesday.
Gaby enjoyed her visit with her grandparents as well as seeing some bald eagles in the tree outside their house. She especially enjoyed playing with their dogs Tiffany and Blackie.
When we got home we had dinner and put on movies for the kids who all planned to stay up for New Year's. They all managed to stay up to bring in the New Year.
Gaby started running a bit of a fever just before midnight, but it wasn't high enough to call the hospital. She went straight to bed after midnight and was feeling cooler by then.

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