Gaby's Story
November 6 – 12, 2006

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Monday November 6, 2006

Gaby's treatment was delayed today as we had to wait to see her blood work results before it could go ahead. In the end, the results showed that her counts were on their way back up so her proton treatment finally went ahead at 9:30. When she woke up, she was quite cranky again but got over it fairly quickly. The 2800 nurses and child life gave Gaby a 'Colour Me Beanie' that she can't wait to get busy colouring.
Gaby was feeling pretty tired when we got home from the hospital and just hung out in her room for most of the afternoon. By 5:30, her energy level had come back and she was ready to go get Nana from the airport. After some regular maintenance to Gaby's sinuses and radiation burns on her face, we had a quick call from Mom then headed off to the airport. Nana's flight was right on time. Gaby was hoping Nana was hungry because she was ready to eat.
We went to the Ontario Mills mall for a bite to eat at the Rainforest Cafe then on to Rite Aid to pick up some essentials for Nana as one of her bags was held up in the San Francisco Airport security.
We arrived home to find a cute hat in the mail box that was dropped off by the Ronald McDonald House for Gaby's birthday. Everyone has been so great and it's not even her birthday yet. Finally got Gaby to sleep around 10:00 tonight. For someone complaining about how tired they are she sure didn't seem interested in going to bed.


Tuesday November 7, 2006

Happy Birthday Gaby and Grayson!!!

We were up early again this morning Gaby was upset that weren't home for her birthday but cheered up soon after our arrival to the hospital. She has been in very good spirits the last couple of mornings and has taken to running down to the procedure room when they tell her it's her turn. Everyone knew it was Gaby's birthday today and they treated her like a princess on her big day (not unlike most days here). The anesthesia and proton teams presented her with a card and birthday presents and then sang happy birthday to her.
Gaby was cranky again when she woke recovery and could only seem to get out the word donut for quite some time before falling back to sleep for a little while. She was a little happier when she awoke the second time and was eager to get on with her birthday. While leaving recovery, the nurses and child life staff sang happy birthday to her while she tried to make a quick exit. She acted a bit embarrassed but Dad thinks she loves all the attention.
It was nice to see the delivery van bringing Nana's delayed bag when we got home from the hospital. Now she can come with us to Gaby's clinic visit rather than stay at home and wait for it. Not to mention, the bag contained the smartie candy dispenser Nana picked up for Gaby on her way here. (Gaby emptied that in a hurry)
At Gaby's clinic visit, she was given two more birthday presents from the doctor, nurses and International patient services then was told that her counts were still too low to receive a flu shot. Gaby was thrilled to hear that news.
After her clinic visit, Dad and Nana took Gaby to see a movie in Redlands. She really wanted to see Flushed Away, she really enjoyed the movie but was very tired afterwards and didn't want to eat anything. She managed a few bites of noodles and rice then was happy to see Nana and Dad picked up a princess birthday cake for her and she tried a few bites of that as well. Dad hooked her up to the feeding machine to 'top her up' and she played on the computer for a few hours before bed. Everyone here has made Gaby's birthday an unforgettable one. We can't tell you how grateful we are for all that they've done for her.


Wednesday November 8, 2006

Gaby received her proton treatment and chemo without much delay today so we were out of the hospital by noon.
We went for lunch (Gaby didn't want to eat) then to Costco to pick up some supplies and Nana got Gaby a pink party dress. We then headed out to the Mall. Nana and Gaby picked up a couple of outfits and Gaby finally had a little something to eat.
When we got home, Gaby had a plate of fruit and cucumber, watched a movie with Nana and went to bed early. We'll need to be at airport by 6:00 to drop Nana off so it will be an early rise tomorrow.


Thursday November 9, 2006

We had a busy morning today. Had to get Gaby up at 5:15 in order to get Nana to airport on time for her flight. She was still pretty tired but didn't complain a whole lot. It was sad to see Nana go. When Nana got out of sight, Gaby said, "so I guess it's just you and me again." She wished Nana could have stayed longer. It was a little tough to have Mom and then Nana come and go in such a short period of time and apparently Nana is better at shopping and picking clothes than Dad.
When we went in for Gaby's proton treatment this morning we found out she is only going to receive 28 treatments instead of the 30 we were originally thinking. So…after tomorrow, she'll only have 10 more treatments to go. Gaby (all of us) is very happy to learn she's almost 2/3's of the way through. We're having to put more cream on her face the last couple of days as her skin is getting quite red and dry but are thankful she hasn't had any problems in her throat so far and hasn't had a bad nose bleed for a few days now.
After a quick stop at the store, we spent the rest of the day at home. Gaby had a look at some homework, coloured the Beanie Baby she got for her birthday, made a few paintings with her finger paints and spent a lot of time on the sofa catching up on her sleep. Gaby had a big dinner tonight, the most I've seen her eat in a while. We chatted with Mom and the boys on MSN tonight and were able to see everyone over the web cam (needed that). At 9:00 Gaby was looking pretty tired again and went to bed without a fuss.


Friday November 10, 2006

Gaby's proton treatment went right on schedule today and she was in recovery by 9:30. She actually woke in a pretty good mood today. She had her morning doughnut and her meds then we headed off to the Proton A level for Gaby's weekly doctor visit. The doctor is concerned about the redness under Gaby's eyes and feels if it gets any worse they may have to stop her treatments. Gaby's going to try harder to keep her hands out of her eyes.
Next, we went to the clinic to get Gaby a flu shot. It took a little convincing but in the end she took it pretty well.
After the clinic, we went home to let Gaby rest for a couple hours and talked to Uncle Jereme about about coming out tomorrow for a visit. Then we went to the Ronald McDonald House to pick up some tickets they supplied us for a "HIT Entertainment" (Thomas the train…) event on Sunday. Gaby's pretty excited about going for a ride on the train.
Gaby spent the evening snacking on a variety of food (she couldn't make up her mind on what she wanted) and watched a Sponge Bob marathon on TV before a quick chat with Mom. She's looking really tired so we're hoping she sleeps in tomorrow.


Saturday November 11, 2006

Gaby woke today in a great mood but with a bit of a sore throat. She asked for some bacon and waffles for breakfast and said her throat didn't hurt any more when she was done so we should get more bacon. Hmmm...can't see how bacon could help with her sore throat, but if that's what she thinks is helping her then we'll have to get her more bacon.
Had a quiet day at home today. Uncle Jereme came for a visit this afternoon. Gaby and Dad were happy to see him, it's been a long time. Made Gaby 3 lunches today but nothing tasted right to her and she wouldn't eat any of it so Dad hooked her up to the feeding machine to make sure she's getting enough nutrition.
Grandma and Grandpa Mel came in today for a visit. They will be staying with us for a few days and Gaby was very happy they've come. They took us out to the buffet for dinner tonight but Gaby still wasn't in the mood to eat and only had a few bites.
After dinner, we went home and watched a movie with Gaby before she went to bed.


Sunday November 12, 2006

Gaby was up pretty early this morning. We got all her maintenance done and she had a decent breakfast before getting ready to go to the Train Museum. She had a bit of a nose bleed this morning but nothing like the ones she was experiencing. Her eyes aren't looking quite as red but they feel very rough and dry. We'll have to keep up with the gels and creams.
We left home by 11:30 for "A Day With Thomas" (35 min away in Perris) courtesay of the Believe In Tomorrow National Children's Foundation and HIT Entertainment. Gaby had a good time riding the different trains at the event and especially liked the rides on the Thomas train and the caboose.
After the event, we went for something to eat at another buffet then home for her evening meds and a good cleaning from Grandma. She watched a movie then went to bed around 8:00. She was looking tired and running a slight temperature. No doubt a result of the very busy day we had.

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