Gaby's Story
July 3 – 9, 2006

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Monday July 3, 2006

Gaby had a fever again overnight and her white blood cell count is up. This usually indicates infection. We are told she may have an infection and they are going to test her fluids to confirm.
She didn't get a lot of rest last night so the nurse is letting her sleep as long as possible today.
The ear, nose and throat staff changed her trach ties today. She was a little traumatized by this but managed ok.
She's also been quite grumpy today, doesn't want anything to do with anybody but Mom and Dad.
She wrote a little note that said "I will get better" and "I love you". She is our inspiration.
We are starting to see an improvement in the swelling, starting to look more like herself again. The doctors and nurses seem impressed by her quick reaction to the chemo.


Tuesday July 4, 2006

Gaby had a very rough day and night yesterday, and today has not been much better.
She is feeling pretty sick and hasn't been able to keep any of her liquid food down. She's lost a little more weight, 6 lbs. so far.
Her morphine was stopped, so they can try and determine whether it is the chemo or the morphine that is causing her nausea, so she is very uncomfortable as well.
On a brighter note, she is able to open her right eye slightly again.
Moved feeding tube to her nose and removed catheter to reduce chance of infection.


Wednesday July 5, 2006

Gaby and Dad went on a road trip to the BC Cancer Clinic for a 'PET' scan today. This test is supposed to confirm that the cancer hasn't moved to any other part of her body.
She's feeling much better today. She's able to open her right eye a little more and even got out of bed, took a walk around the ward and played with some of the toys in TCU for a few minutes.
Ate a popsicle, some pudding, some Ice-cream and chicken noodle soup today.
Had a urinary tract infection test come back positive, needs to get another sample tested to confirm. Started her on antibiotics just in case it is positive. Went pee on the toilet today.
Temperature up a little.


Thursday July 6, 2006

Had a 38.6 fever overnight and this morning. Had to convince her to go pee so they could collect a sample. She wasn't impressed.
Was nauseous again this morning. ENT decided to leave her trach ties in for another day since they are staying clean and she wasn't feeling well.
She has a kink in her feeding tube and was sent in to radiology to have it fixed and moved down into her intestine. This will allow her to get some much needed nourishment.
The urinary tract infection was confirmed today and Gaby was started on different antibiotics to combat the infection.
They are going to take a biopsy of her neck tomorrow to ensure the cancer is not in her lymph system. PET scan showed no other active areas of cancer other than the original tumour area.
Met with the Chemo & Radiation oncologist's to discuss radiation treatments to start week 12. Gaby will need to have a face mask mould made and will have to be sedated for the treatments. They will probably start the molding process in 5-6 weeks.


Friday July 7, 2006

Cancelled biopsy. ENT confirmed the swelling in her neck was completely gone and the PET scan showed there was no cancerous activity in that area.
Oncology said that since the lymph area was not part of the original tumour, they will not have to use radiation on her neck.
Moved to isolation room in ICU as her blood counts are coming down.
Didn't get her chemo treatment today as scheduled, will get it tomorrow and they hope to change her to the Friday schedule next week. Grumpy in the morning but got happier as the day went on. She misses home and keeps asking to leave.


Saturday July 8, 2006

Gaby didn't have a good sleep last night and was not happy with her new night nurse. Fortunately, she seemed happy with the nurse who started in the morning and ended up having a pretty good day today.
She's been very weepy at times throughout the day, really wants to come home. She was feeling nauseous today and didn't eat anything.
Had to have her CVC examined as it was red and swollen. The surgeon said it looked ok but will keep an eye on it.
Received her second chemo treatment today. We were able to talk with her more about what is wrong with her and what is going to happen over the next while. She didn't seem impressed by any of it especially the part about losing her hair but she is confident that she'll be coming home soon.


Sunday July 9, 2006

Gaby was much less grumpy today, still doesn't want anything to do with most of the doctors though.
She had a lot of redness around her tracheostomy. They took a swab of the area for testing and were able to clean the area up well. The test came back with no sign of infection
Not feeling well again today and doesn't want to eat. Thank goodness for the feeding tube in her nose.

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