Gaby's Story
October 30 – November 5, 2006

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Monday October 30, 2006

Went to the hospital for Gaby's 10th treatment this morning and after a 3 hour wait we had to go home as they were having computer problems and thought it was best to have Gaby miss today's appointment. Otherwise, they weren't sure how long Gaby would be put out for and if they would be able to complete an entire treatment. Gaby was thrilled with the news and couldn't wait to get something to eat. She hadn't eaten since 6:00 pm yesterday and was starving.
We ran home to unload Gaby's hospital bag, gave Mom a quick call then headed to Denny's for a big breakfast. Gaby asked if we could go to Disneyland today since it would not be very busy but she was looking pretty tired so we decided it was best to stay close to home. We went to WalMart to pick up a new pencil sharpener then home to lay low and maybe work on some more of her school stuff. She loves playing the games.
She ate a big dinner around 6:30 (finally got her to eat some meat) then after a few more games and a story she was off to bed @ 8:30. She's really looking forward to Halloween. We decided it was best that she doesn't go trick or treating this year but the hospital will be handing out stuff to the kids and she will be able to hand out treats at the house.


Tuesday October 31, 2006        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Gaby's proton treatment went off without any trouble today. In recovery, she couldn't wait to put on her princess costume and get downstairs to see all the Halloween stuff they had going on in the hospital. She collected bags and bags of cools stuff and had fun looking at all the different characters and watching some magic tricks. The treats will keep her busy for quite some time.

After the hospital festivities, Gaby had an appointment in the clinic for blood work. Her counts are still low so it looks like she definitely won't be doing any trick or treating herself tonight. She's pretty excited about handing out treats at the house though. We talked to Mom & Zack for a bit before dinner and are wishing we were there tonight. Halloween is always a fun time in River Springs.
By 5:00 we had our first goblin, he was a very cute lion. Then the Ronald McDonald house manager came by with some treats for Gaby. Everyone has been so good to us. There wasn't nearly as many kids here as we get at home, Gaby was a bit disappointed. She had Dad adjust the location of the pumpkins a couple times hoping to attract more customers but in the end we only saw about 10 - 20 kids. Despite the lack of kiddies I think she had a pretty good time.

Wednesday November 1, 2006

Dad forgot that they start the treatments an hour later on Wednesday's so we got to the hospital quite early today. Gaby wasn't impressed by Dad's mistake but was able to pass the extra waiting time reading a book and watching Veggie Tales. Her proton treatment went well again today. The redness around her right eye was back this morning and only got worse by days end. Looks like it may be sticking around for a while. She received her chemo (and some snacks) while in recovery and we left the hospital around 2:00pm.
On the way home we picked up some nasal spray for Gaby's dry nose and some ice cream for her grumpy face. Both the nasal spray and ice cream did their jobs perfectly. Gaby was very happy to finally find a store that sells ice cream cones.
By 4:15 Gaby was starting to look very flushed. Her temperature was 37.5, not quite high enough to warrant a call to the doctor. Checked her again at 6:45 and she was still flushed but her temperature was back to normal. We received an email from Nana and talked to Mom for a while on the phone. We're getting excited to see them soon. It will be nice to have company.
Gaby finally got the chance to chat online tonight. She chatted with cousin Hope then Grandpa Mel & Grandma for a while. She really enjoyed sending silly voice messages to Grandpa Mel and Grandma.


Thursday November 2, 2006

Gaby woke up after her proton treatment early today and was upset that Dad wasn't in the room yet. She normally doesn't wake up until 10:00 so nobody thought to go get him from the waiting area yet. She calmed down pretty quickly once she saw the donut Dad brought in for her. There was a bit of trouble changing her insuflon today. Gaby was ok with getting her blood work done but wasn't happy at all about the new insuflon going in. Her counts are still very low so we'll have to keep giving her the GCSF to bring her white counts up.
When we got home, Gaby had a little something to eat then logged onto MSN. The first real time she's spent on the computer since we've arrived here. She sent an email to Simrit and another to Mrs. Blake & Ms. Dalgarno. Then she saw Sarah J come online and started jumping up and down. She was thrilled to be able to talk to Sarah and see all the snow in Kamloops over the web cam.
After some time online, we headed down to International Patient Services for a visit and to enroll Gaby in Candlelighters (a childhood cancer foundation). We then picked something up for dinner tonight. Gaby's appetite hasn't been good today and when dinner time came around she decided she couldn't eat. Dad hooked her up to the feeding machine for a while to ensure she gets some nourishment. She is running a bit of a temperature again tonight (37.5). We'll have to mention it to the doctor tomorrow to see if it is something to be concerned about. She's looking very tired the last couple of days and just wants to lay low and rest as much as possible.
The remainder of Gaby's day was spent lying on the sofa watching movies and talking on the phone to Grandpa and Mom.


Friday November 3, 2006

Gaby had a tough night last night. She was running a fever for most of it and didn't sleep very well. This morning she still had a tiny fever but by the time we arrived at the hospital it was gone and didn't return for the rest of the day. Gaby had another nasty nose bleed this morning. She is getting these a couple of times a day now and we're getting a bit concerned about them. In recovery, they took blood to check her counts and we asked about getting blood cultures done as well to ensure there was nothing more serious going on with the fevers she's had the last couple of days. We called the hospital an hour or so later to find out her white counts are on their way back up but we won't hear anything about the blood cultures for a day or two.
Took Gaby to see the radiation Doctor for her weekly visit. He said we should put Aloe Vera Gel on her face to help with the red (radiation burn) marks and recommended a nasal decongestant to help with her stuffy nose. He also suggested we start using the nasal spray at least 4 times a day to help keep her nose moist to help with the bleeding.
After the doctor, we made our way to the airport to pick up Mom. Her flight was a little delayed and she finally arrived around 2:30. It was great to see her. We went for something to eat, courtesy of TGI Friday's and the Ronald McDonald House, then home to get caught up.


Saturday November 4, 2006

Gaby felt much better last night, not even the slightest temperature. She really didn't want to miss out on Sea World today. She was a little bored with the drive to San Diego but was a great help looking out for the correct exits. Gaby had a great time at the park. We got to see almost all of the animal shows and Gaby got to feed/pet some sea lions, dolphins and bat rays. She also loved the Atlantis roller coaster. She put on a rain coat so as not to get wet then rode the coaster 6 times.
Gaby was pretty wiped out after Sea World and slept for most of the way home. Once home, she blew her nose a bit too hard and started a serious nose bleed. After several minutes, Mom and Gaby were able to get the nose problem under control and Gaby went to bed after some snuggles with Mom.


Sunday November 5, 2006

Gaby woke early this morning with another bleeding nose. It wasn't quiet as serious as the one last night and Dad and Gaby got it under control pretty quickly. Gave Gaby some decongestant and nasal gel which really helped her out for the rest of the day.
We spent the day quietly at home hanging out with Mom before she had to leave. Gaby and her had some much needed girl time before we took Mom to the airport. Mom stayed with us until the very last minute. It was hard to let her go. Gaby was more than a little upset on the way home but is happy that Nana is coming tomorrow. She wants to go to a movie with Nana on her birthday.
Gaby said she felt like Japanese food so as long as she is wanting and able to eat Dad thought we'd better find her a Japanese restaurant before her craving goes away. She ate very well at the restaurant and enjoyed watching the fish in the huge tank they had there.
After dinner, she went onto the internet and enjoyed chatting with Sarah J then Zack, Phil, Gray, Grandma and Grandpa Mel. Finally got her off the computer at 8:30. Whew! That was tough. Tried to get Gaby to bed early as we have to be at the hospital by 7:00 am for blood work to see if her counts are high enough to get proton treatment. If not, she will have to get another transfusion before they can carry on.

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