Gaby's Story
October 23 – 29, 2006

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Monday October 23, 2006

Gaby didn't want to get out of bed this morning, very tired from our busy weekend. Mom finally persuaded her to get moving and we were off to the hospital by 7:30. Thankfully, it's only a couple of blocks away. The procedure was a bit delayed getting started today but in the end it went well again. Gaby was in recovery by 10:15. It took her a little bit longer than usual to wake up and get going but once awake she wanted nothing more than to get home and try the wig she was given at the hospital with her Cinderella costume. It looks great, Gaby is very grateful.
We talked to the social worker about getting a wheel chair for Gaby to ride back and forth to the hospital in (rather than drive there everyday) and she made arrangements for one to be delivered to the cottage tomorrow. She also arranged for Tanya and the boys to get a ride to the airport tomorrow AM as Gaby and Dad will still be in the hospital when they have to leave.
After we left the hospital we went back to the cottage so Mom and the boys could start getting packed up for their flight back home tomorrow. When asked what she wanted to do on Mom and the boys' last day of visiting, Gaby said she wanted to go back to the mall we were at yesterday. So…we headed back to the mall to pick up a few things the kids were in need of. After the mall, we went for a bite to eat at a local buffet restaurant then home to finish packing. Got the kids to bed early tonight as they are being picked up early for their trip back home and Gaby has a proton treatment again tomorrow @ 7:45.
It's going to be sad to let them go.


Tuesday October 24, 2006

We were all up early this morning to say goodbye to Mom and the boys and get Gaby to her proton treatment by 7:45. It was sad to see them go. Gaby was quite upset that she won't be seeing the boys for the next 6 or so weeks.
Gaby's proton treatment went well again. She awoke pretty quickly in the recovery ward and couldn't wait to get home and have something to eat. Dad met with the social worker in the radiation department to finish the application for Gaby's home schooling and picked up some literature on local facilities and attractions that Gaby may be interested in seeing.
After lunch we went to Gaby's clinic appointment at the FMO to get blood work done and arrange for her inpatient chemo treatment she's supposed to get tomorrow. Her blood work came back with good numbers so as long as they have room for her on the ward she will be get her big dose of chemo tomorrow.
We went home after her appointment to wait for the delivery of the wheel chair we are renting for Gaby. They were supposed to arrive after 2:30 but when they hadn't come by 5:00 we decided to go and exchange our rental van for a car. Too late... Dad will have to try and get it exchanged tomorrow AM while Gaby is in the hospital getting her proton treatment.
Gaby will have to be in overnight for her chemo treatment tomorrow so she asked if Dad would take her to a buffet restaurant for dinner. She won't be feeling well enough to eat for the next couple of days so Dad thought it would be ok to let her stuff herself tonight.
Gaby's proton treatment tomorrow is an hour later so Dad is hoping she will stay in bed and get a little extra sleep. She is looking a bit tired.
We talked to Mom around 7:00 pm tonight. She and the boys made it home without incident. Good to hear after the fiasco they went through getting to California. Gaby and Dad miss them a lot and can't wait until Mom comes back for a visit. We'll have to settle for the web cam and phone calls to see and talk to the boys for the rest of our stay here.


Wednesday October 25, 2006

Gaby went in for her proton treatment @8:45 today. While she was out Dad exchanged the van we rented for a smaller car then picked up Gaby from recovery around 10:00. We went home for a quick lunch then were back at the hospital by 1:30 to get admitted for her big dose of chemo. She got hooked up to her IV then went to the playroom and painted some pictures while we waited for her chemo to come up.
Gaby started getting cranky around 5:30 (too much going on today) so Dad went home for a break and to get something to eat.
Gaby wasn't a bit cranky when Dad returned but was looking very tired. She didn't want to go to bed just yet as she was quite excited about going to the Halloween party in the proton department tomorrow. We called Mom then watched a movie and had some snacks before she finally agreed to go to sleep. Mom and Dad are hoping she is feeling well enough to go to the party tomorrow or she is going to be very disappointed.


Thursday October 26, 2006

Gaby was feeling sick last night and was not happy about having to go to the bathroom so often. She was even more unhappy to be going for a proton treatment @ 7:45 this morning after a tough night. Oh has to be done to keep her on schedule.
Dad went and exchanged the car again while Gaby was out. The first car we got was making a lot of noise and Gaby didn't like the way it smelled. When Dad returned, Gaby was already awake and complaining about his tardiness. We were sent back upstairs and are hoping to be discharged after the party this afternoon. Gaby also received her wheelchair today, it's a perfect fit for her. We are sure we will get much use out of it.
Gaby was feeling well enough to go to Halloween party in the proton department. She had a good time but got tired quickly and wanted to go back upstairs and lie down.
Back upstairs, Gaby had her dressing changed and her insuflon put in then after a bit more hydration we were discharged about 3:00. We went home to lay low for the rest of the day. Her hemoglobin is lower than they would like it for radiation treatments so Gaby is going to get a transfusion tomorrow while she is in recovery.
The GCSF needles that were supplied to us in Vancouver were the wrong size, so we had to run up to Loma Linda Children's Hospital to get some smaller sized needles in order to administer the GCSF. Tonight Gaby had a pretty big appetite considering she had her big dose yesterday. It's nice to see.
Gaby will have to get to bed early tonight as she is looking very tired and has a big red circle around her right eye. We're grateful she hasn't developed a sore throat or mouth sores as yet (we're praying she never does) and are hoping the redness will go away over the weekend.


Friday October 27, 2006

Gaby was not happy about getting out of bed this morning. She finally relented and we made it out of the house early enough to walk to the hospital for her treatment. It's a little chilly here in the mornings, feels a lot like home. When she finished her proton treatment they moved Gaby up to recovery and once she woke up they moved her bed to another station where they could start her transfusion. It was a little late get started because of a mix up somewhere along the line and they had to redo her cross match etc. It took several hours for the transfusion to complete so Gaby watched several movies, snacked and coloured while we waited. After the transfusion, we met with the radiation Doctor. Gaby's nose, throat and mouth are a little dry so he told us of a way to help combat the effects.
Once out of the hospital, we went grocery shopping then home for dinner. Gaby ate well at dinner again tonight then wanted some popcorn later in the evening. She was hoping to have the energy to carve pumpkins this evening but she ran out of steam. It looks like we'll have to do that tomorrow or Sunday. We heard a noise on the street tonight and discovered it was a couple of raccoons. Gaby was really excited to watch them until they ran into the yard and moved towards the door to the house. She started screaming and slammed the door. It was quite a funny scene, she is sure they are going to somehow find their way inside the house.
We talked to Mom and the boys for a while again tonight then got Gaby to bed rather late. She just couldn't get off the phone. She really likes all the people here but is missing home very much and asks every morning if this is the day we can leave.


Saturday October 28, 2006

Gaby wasn't feeling well this morning but was happy that she didn't have to go to the hospital today. She wouldn't do much more than snack and drink for most of the day.
We played games and watched a couple of movies while we carved pumpkins. She really wanted a pumpkin that looked like her old cat Nala so Dad did the best he could to make a kitty pumpkin. Gaby seemed to like it.
By 6:00 Gaby was ready to eat a meal and decided she wanted 'breakfast' at IHOP. We went to IHOP and where she ate a dinner of chocolate pancakes and bacon. Not Dad's first choice but she ate it.
After dinner, we went to WalMart to pickup some candles for our pumpkins and a scary movie to watch (Monster House). She loved the movie but it scared her a little and Dad had to stay in her room until she fell asleep.


Sunday October 29, 2006

Gaby slept late today. The red circles she's had under her eyes all week are all gone now. They'll probably be back by the end of the week, but Gaby is happy that they're gone even if it's only for a day or two.
We went to the Ronald McDonald House today for the Halloween party they are holding. Gaby really enjoyed playing, colouring and making crafts at the party. The party helped keep her mind off her upset stomach. Too bad she wasn't feeling a bit better, there was a lot of cakes and cookies and treats at the party that I'm sure she would have enjoyed. She brought home a goody bag that she can enjoy later though.
After the party, we went home for some rest and by 4:00 Gaby was feeling well enough to eat. We had an early dinner and took care of Gaby's 'maintenance' before Mom called to hear about our day. Gaby was starting to look tired again by 7:00 but wanted to watch a movie she found in the TV cabinet. She barely made it to the end of the movie before starting to doze off.

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