Gaby's Story
October 9 – 15, 2006

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Monday October 9, 2006

Gaby was up early today playing on the computer...again.
Jayne came by to bring us the proceeds from the afternoon tea as well as some other things for Gaby. The tea along with the pie/cookie orders raised more than $1500 (Thank you all) and Gaby really enjoys the doll furniture and other things Jayne brought (especially the popcorn). Uncle Rodney also came by with some PJ's from him and Auntie Ainsley. She loves them and will make good use of them in California. The remainder of the day, Gaby kept herself busy on the internet and playing with her brothers. It was a pretty uneventful day. She ate well again today and is trying to drink as much as possible as she doesn't like the headaches she gets when she doesn't drink enough.
Bedtime was a bit of a struggle, she's been staying up later the last few nights and didn't feel tired enough to go to bed. We explained to her that we may need to go to the hospital early tomorrow to get checked out and she decided sleep was a good idea after all.

Tuesday October 10, 2006

Woke Gaby up pretty early this morning as we needed to be ready to go to the hospital as soon as they asked us to come in. While we waited for the hospital to call, we flushed and cleaned Gaby's G-Tube and confirmed our new flight info with Hope Air. Looks like we'll try for California again on Monday. The weeks delay hasn't been all bad, at least Mom and the boys will be able to visit before Gaby starts really feeling the effects of the radiation.
We received a call from the clinic @ 9:15 asking us to be there by 10:45. We quickly wrapped up what we were doing and headed out. We made it to the clinic by 10:30 and got Gaby's blood work done right away. We spent the next few hours waiting in the clinic for the results to ensure Gaby's they had come up enough for Gaby to stop getting her GCSF injections and to see if she needs another transfusion. Her white counts were good but her hemoglobin still isn't high enough to start radiation therapy. We'll have to return to the clinic on Friday for more blood work and a possible transfusion.
They let us out of clinic at 2:30 and by now Gaby was starving. She wanted chicken nuggets from Wendy's so we made a quick stop on the way home to appease her craving. She deserved a treat after sitting half the day in the clinic without complaining once.


Wednesday October 11, 2006

It was a pretty uneventful day for Gaby today. We spent most of the day getting ready for the trip to California. Managed to finally get all her meds and supplies to fit into one large suitcase.
Gaby is feeling very good and is happy to not be getting chemo this week. We're hopeful the week off will give her a chance to bring her counts up enough that she won't need another transfusion on Friday. Her G-Tube is still a bit of a mess but the raw skin and redness are completely gone now.
Mom & Dad went out for a couple of hours this evening and Gaby enjoyed having Zack babysit. They made popcorn and watched a movie before bed.

Thursday October 12, 2006

Gaby had another mellow day today. Her passport finally arrived so we picked it up as well as did some running around in preparation for the trip. We also went to the school to say good bye to everyone and thank them for all the cool stuff they gave Gaby for the trip.
After work, Mom took Gaby shopping where she picked up a couple of outfits and a new build-a-bear with all the gift certificates she's received.
She was a little tired after shopping and put up a bit of a fight getting her CVC dressing and caps changed but it all worked out in the end.
We're back at the clinic tomorrow for one last checkup before heading out to Loma Linda and are hopeful Gaby's counts will be good enough to avoid another transfusion before we leave.

Friday October 13, 2006

Woke Gaby up early today in order to get to the clinic by 9:30. It was hard to pull her away from her Webkinz but we managed to get out the door and to the clinic on time. She had her blood work done shortly after we arrived then we watched a movie and played on the internet while we waited for the results. The results came back around noon. Gaby's counts were good enough that she will be safe to fly on Monday and she won't need another transfusion before we leave. Very nice to hear. After a quick stop at the pharmacy we headed back home.
Gaby's G-Tube is looking much better now and there isn't any granulation tissue visible. Hopefully this will last.
Mom made some of Gaby's favourite foods tonight for dinner and then Gaby and the boys watched a movie before bed.

Saturday October 14, 2006

Gaby was up early playing Jump Start games on the computer. We had to go to pick up a gift for one of Grayson's friends, so we all went to Toys R Us. Gaby and Gray had a great time at Toys R Us playing with all the toys there and we finally picked one for Gray's friend. After that we came home and Gaby and Gray played games together before lunch. Gaby has had a very good appetite lately and we are happy to see that. After lunch her older brothers came home from their soccer games and all the kids played video games for awhile. Gaby helped pack her suitcase and wanted to bring her whole room and especially her bed, but we managed to fit everything into 2 suitcases.
After dinner we went to Church and everyone was happy to see Gaby before she leaves on Monday. Gaby was a bit hesitant to stay at Kidz Church tonight after missing a couple weekends but after a few minutes she was happy to be there.
After church we came home and Gaby and Gray watched a couple TV shows before bed.

Sunday October 15, 2006

Gaby was up early this morning, again playing Jump Start. Had a very low key day, Gaby didn't even want to get out of her P.J.'s. We finished packing all of Gaby's stuff and just hung around the house.
We had a little problem with the truck this afternoon. Dad got it started and limped it home and will have to wait to fix it when he and Gaby return. Gaby is feeling a bit anxious about the trip to California but is happy that Mom and the boys will be coming down for a visit soon after.
It will be an early drive to the airport tomorrow so everyone went to bed early tonight. (early to bed, early to rise ).
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