Gaby's Story
October 2 – 8, 2006

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Monday October 2, 2006

Gaby got up early and seemed excited at the prospect of going to school today. She felt better and looked better than she has for days. It was nice to see her back to her old self again.
We're still having a bit of trouble with her G-Tube. It is quite raw and uncomfortable for her. We will have to bring it up to the doctor again at our next visit to the clinic on Wednesday.
While Gaby was at school, Dad picked up her new chest, desk and chair that Grandma & Grandpa Mel helped get for her birthday present then Uncle Rodney came over to help Dad get the pieces up the stairs and setup.
Gaby really enjoyed her day at school and is looking forward to going again tomorrow.
We registered her new Pegasus Webkinz and called her Peggy. Then Gaby spent some time getting her two Webkinz acquainted.
After dinner, she helped Mom finish organizing her room and was ready to go to bed early.

Tuesday October 3, 2006

Gaby was up early and in a good mood again today. She was happy that Dad was coming to spend some time in her classroom today.
After school we checked out her G-Tube and found it to be quite a mess. Cleaned it up again, covered it with gauze and will look at it again before bed.
Gaby's gotten her appetite back the last few days and has been able to snack on a lot of different things. There are still a few things that she just won't eat and a lot of smells that she can't tolerate but she's trying to eat as many different things as she can. She'll have to miss school tomorrow as we've got a busy day at the clinic getting chemo… It was a bit of a struggle getting her to bed tonight but after some snuggles and a couple of chapters in 'Fairyland' she was ready for sleep.

Wednesday October 4, 2006

Whew! It was quite a fight to get Gaby going this morning. She really didn't want to leave the house and was giving Mom & Dad a hard time. She finally let big brother Zack carry her to the door and we were off to the clinic around 8:15 am.
Arrived at the hospital by 9:30 and had her blood work, chemo and checkup done by noon. We talked to Gaby's doctor. He said there won't be any changes to her treatment protocol because of the excellent MRI result but said if there are options available in her protocol they will be able to take the least harmful option now. We will have to meet with the G-Tube nurse once more before we leave on Monday and Gaby is going to need a transfusion on Friday to bring her hemoglobin up in order to receive the radiation therapy. After our clinic visit, Gaby wanted to visit with the people in ICU/TCU for a bit. We then picked up some more medical supplies and all of her feeding tube supplies for our stay in California and by 1:30 we were off for home.
Gaby was feeling quite warm after dinner and went upstairs to bed without having to be asked...very unusual. After we cleaned her G-tube site again and she got ready for bed Gaby was sick. She had a bit of a fever but was feeling a bit better by the time she went to sleep.

Thursday October 5, 2006

Gaby was not feeling very well today at all. She ate some breakfast, rested on the couch for a bit, then went for a ride with Auntie Denise while Dad went to a couple appointments. After returning back home, Gaby didn't get off the couch for the rest of the day. She didn't want to eat and she drank very little. She didn't even want the slurpee Auntie Denise got her. After Gaby's dressing change and CVC line care, Mom took her temperature as she was feeling warm. It was at 38.5 C. Dad called the hospital and Mom packed the overnight bag and within a half an hour Dad and Gaby were off to Children's on the advice of the on-call Oncologist there.
Once Dad and Gaby arrived at Children's emergency Gaby still had a fever and was complaining of a headache. They took some blood cultures to test for infection and started Gaby on fluids through both her lines. Her blood test came back with very low counts and her fever was holding, so they decided to keep Gaby in overnight. Once Gaby and Dad were transferred upstairs and into a room they started Gaby on 3 different antibiotics until they can figure out exactly what kind of infection she has. They will most likely start a blood transfusion tonight for Gaby's hemoglobin and she may require another one tomorrow as well. Because Gaby's counts are so low, they may end up keeping her in the hospital for a couple days, possibly until Sunday. Gaby is pretty upset about this because she is leaving for California on Monday and wants to be at home with her brothers and Mom. Gaby has already booked Mom a bed in her room for tomorrow night, Dad will have to sleep at home.

Friday October 6, 2006

Gaby had a pretty tough night and was still very tired and sick this morning. She was given Tylenol to reduce her fever (39.7) and received a transfusion during the night that helped out her hemoglobin counts but her white cell count is still virtually nothing. (still 0.1 now / was 3.5 Wednesday)
We talked to the doctor several times today and it looks as if Gaby is going to be in the hospital until her white counts rebound. This could take several days. They have started her on several antibiotics in case this turns out to be a bacterial infection but we are hopeful it is only a virus and she can beat it pretty quickly. The doctor thought it best that we postpone our trip to Loma Linda for a week as it would be too dangerous for Gaby to fly with her counts this low so Dad spent some time today rearranging flights and schedules. Thankfully, everything is working out and it looks like we are going to be leaving on the 16th now. The nutritionist came in to say they will keep an eye on her overnight and if she won't eat something substantial by morning they will have to start feeding her through her tube.
This afternoon, Gaby had a couple of visits from child life and enjoyed playing music and painting a picture frame. By late afternoon, her temperature was down, she was finally able to keep some food down and displayed a bit of energy.
Mom came out to the hospital to spend the night tonight and Gaby and her had to change rooms. At last word Gaby's temperature was back up but she was still feeling pretty good. Her and Mom were settling into the new room and they were looking forward to watching a movie and eating some popcorn before bed. Hmmm...Dad gets barfy burning up girl and Mom gets a movie and popcorn. Dad's a bit jealous but thankful Gaby is feeling a bit better.

Saturday October 7, 2006

Gaby and Mom had a good night watching movies and listening to music. Gaby had a pretty good sleep only waking a couple times to use the bathroom.
Gaby was up around 8am and was full of energy. Her temperature was back to normal but her counts were still low, up a little from yesterday but still quite low. Mom and Gaby had breakfast and watched some Saturday morning cartoons, then Gaby played with her mini computer that Grandma and Grandpa had got her for her birthday. Mom made a run to Safeway to get Gaby some fresh fruit for lunch and after lunch we did some painting. Auntie Denise and Krysta came by for a quick visit and brought by a Halloween colouring book, that Gaby really enjoyed. By mid afternoon Gaby and Mom were getting a little stir crazy stuck in that little room, so Mom put a mask on Gaby and they headed out into the halls. Gaby went straight for the playroom but the computer there was being used so we made our way over to the family kiosk computers. After a few minutes a computer became free, so Mom disinfected the area and Gaby got to play with her Webkinz for a while. We made our way back to the room for dinner and after dinner Gaby was back out on the computer until Dad arrived. Nana came by for a visit and then Dad settled in with Gaby for the night. Dad asked for the results of the blood cultures and they came back as negative for any bacterial infections. That's a relief.

Sunday October 8, 2006

Gaby slept right through last night. She didn't even stir when the nurse came in several times to check her temperature and blood pressure.
She woke up very refreshed and full of beans. We played a few math games and spent some time on the computer before Grandma and Grandpa Mel came by for a visit.
We got her blood work results back late morning and were a little concerned as her counts were a bit lower than the day before. Talked to the Doctor. He assured us that the lower counts weren't anything to worry about and he was happy that the blood cultures showed nothing. They discussed in rounds whether or not to let Gaby come home and decided late afternoon that it would be ok. We played a few more games and hung around the hospital until 5:00 pm then got our discharge summary and enough GCSF injections to get us through to Gaby's follow up visit on Tuesday.
Gaby thought that we would be able to make our flight to California tomorrow now that she was being released and was a little disappointed when we told her that we had to wait until next Monday. Oh well, it's better to be safe than sorry and she is happy to have the extra time to spend with Mom and her brothers.
We arrived home at 6:15 and were happy to see everyone. Gaby was quite paranoid about picking up another virus and chose to wear a mask for the ride home and for some of the evening.
She was very happy to have a visit from Sarah and liked showing Sarah how her Webkinz work. She played on the computer for a while this evening with Gray and went to bed a bit later than usual.
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