Gaby's Story
September 25 –October 1, 2006

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Monday September 25, 2006

Gaby was up early this morning complaining of a headache and feeling tired. We offered to let her stay home from school but she wanted to go. Once we got to school, she was hesitant to get out of the truck so Dad offered to keep her home today but she decided she didn't want to miss school. We fully expected to get a call at some point today to pick her up but the call never came and when we got her after school she was in good spirits and just wanted to go home and rest for a while.
By dinner time her mood turned quite sour and she was really challenging everyone's patience. We gave her some space until bed time and she went to sleep without too much of a fight.

Tuesday September 26, 2006

Gaby had a tough time getting out of bed this morning, she was feeling very tired and asked if she could stay home from school today. She is going to be spending the next couple days in the hospital so we let her stay home for a mental health day.
Had to get blood work done this morning and she asked if we could go out for breakfast afterwards. Offered to take her for breakfast if she does her best to not fight them when they take the blood sample. She didn't fight at all so we went to De Dutch where she ate everything in sight. Around 1:45 we received a call from the lab to say that her blood sample arrived at the testing lab clotted and we had to rush out to have another sample taken. Needless to say Gaby was not impressed. Tried to convince her to have this next sample taken from her arm so there would be less chance of it clotting but she wouldn't go for it and offered the index finger on her right hand instead.
Gaby was not very hungry at dinner time (probably still full from the huge breakfast she ate) but she did her best to eat the veggies at least.
We went to Auntie Melissa and Uncle John's house for a visit and went down to the pond close to their house to feed the ducks. Gaby had a great time and got to ride back to the house in Jenna's stroller, which Gaby thought was a blast.
Finally got the results of her second blood work at 8:30 pm. Her counts are good enough for her big dose of chemo so we'll be off to the hospital tomorrow AM. There was an accident on the Port Mann so we got home a bit later than expected but Gaby went to bed with a quick story and snuggle. She knows tomorrow night she will be awakened every 2 hours and stated she likes being at home rather than upstairs in the hospital.

Wednesday September 27, 2006

Gaby did not want to get up this morning. She's nervous about our overnight trip to the hospital for her chemo treatment and MRI scan.
She got up after a little persuading and we left for hospital around 9:00 am. One of the conditions of our departure was that she got to have McDonald's for breakfast. We stopped and got her hotcakes, sausage and hash browns. She was very pleased.
We checked in at the clinic and Gaby got hooked up to her 'buddy' (IV pole) to get hydration started then 30 minutes later she received her first two chemo medications. She wasn't able to get the third medication yet as she needed more hydration. Gaby was hungry around 1:30 and started acting up at the clinic. We couldn't get away to pick her up anything and she wasn't interested with anything they had in the clinic's kitchen. Finally, convinced her to have a pudding tube to tie her over until we could get to the cafeteria.
We had her feeding tube looked at again this visit as it was starting to look bad again. A procedure was recommended to get rid of the granulation tissue from her G-Tube site. Gaby didn't like the procedure at all and said the sticks that were used burn really bad. Most people say the stinging only lasts for a minute so we think Gaby is being a little dramatic. Dad finally got away @ 3:00. Gaby stayed in the clinic getting hydration and chemo while Dad went to pick her up a grill cheese sandwich. Gaby received her last chemo drug around 4:30 and we were in a room by 5:00. The room was bright and had lots of room. A nice change from the last room we had. Gaby was very tired but managed to eat some fresh veggies and fruit for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Mel came to play with Gaby. Grandma brought cards and Lego to keep Gaby occupied while Mom and Dad went out for a while.

Thursday September 28, 2006

It was a rough night for Gaby (and Dad). She really dislikes the overnight visits as she has to get woken up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. Last night she said she knew this was going to happen and she wanted to go home. Poor thing.
As you can imagine, Gaby was very cranky and extremely tired in the morning. Her MRI scan appointment was changed to 10:15 from 2:00. Dad was a little concerned that she would still be too sick to have the scan done this early but Gaby got a bit of rest before the procedure and it all worked out fine.
After her MRI, Dad performed the procedure on her G-Tube to get rid of the granulation tissue. Gaby was very upset again and Dad told her it would only need to be done for another 3 days. There is some discoloration around the G-Tube site so we had it checked out by the G-Tube nurse and were told it was normal. While the nurse was there, she informed Dad that it would be 4 (not 3) more days to complete this procedure. This news went over like a lead balloon with Gaby.
We also had a visit from the nutritionist today. She set us up with a feeding pump and enough supplies to practice using the pump at home for a couple days. It doesn't look all that difficult so Dad figures he can get it all working without a problem.
Gaby wasn't feeling well again around 2:00 and was sick. We were hoping to get released early now that her scan time was changed but they felt it was best to continue Gaby's hydration until 3:00. She finished her hydration, got disconnected from the IV pole and had her insuflon put in her leg by 4:30 and we got on our way home.
When we pulled in the driveway Mom met us at the car to tell us some GREAT NEWS!!! Mom got a call from the Doctor about today's MRI. They were unable to find the tumour in the scan. As far as we know this won't change anything in her protocol but we will find out more information on our visit on Wednesday next week. Please keep those prayers coming!

Friday September 29, 2006

Gaby really not feeling well this morning. She spent most of her time just lying on the couch. Later in the morning, Mom was talking to Cheryl who stated that Coquitlam River would like to invite Gaby to the assembly today to take part in shaving Mr. U's hair. CRE students and staff raised more that $1075 for the Terry Fox run and surpassed the goal that was set, so Mr. U and Mrs. Oliver had to cut their hair off. Gaby was thrilled that she was invited to take part in this and was soon feeling better. At the assembly Gaby had a great time shaving Mr. U's hair and got to see her friends after being away most of this week.
After we got home Gaby was starting to feel tired and sick again and didn't want any dinner. Dad hooked up the feeding machine to her to try it out and give Gaby some fluids. Gaby decided she wanted chicken noodle soup without the chicken, so she ate a bit of that as well. The feed took longer than Gaby expected and she was very tired by the time it finished and went straight to bed when it was done.

Saturday September 30, 2006

Gaby was not well again this morning. This is the first time her nausea has carried on for more than a day or two. Gaby's counts were really low before receiving this big dose of chemo so we are thinking the nausea may have something to do with that.
Gaby spent most of day resting. She had one burst of energy mid afternoon when she did her fun homework that Max dropped off yesterday. She did manage to eat a little bit this afternoon and at dinner. Before bed she had another feed through her feeding tube which she tolerated very well.
The procedure to get rid of the granulation tissue has caused the skin around Gaby's G-Tube to become very raw. We are a little concerned about infection and will be keeping a close eye on that.

Sunday October 1, 2006

Gaby was excited to be having her party today and got out of bed almost right away. After some wardrobe issues (what girl doesn't have those) she was ready to get on with her day.
The limo bus arrived shortly before 9am and Gaby was very happy to climb right on board. As her friends arrived the excitement continued to build. After everyone had arrived and Kelly Clarkson was plugged into the stereo we were off to the theatre. Upon arrival, Gaby was feeling a bit sick, but soon bounced back and enjoyed playing around in the theatre before the movie. The movie, Open Season, was funny and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. After the movie, we had lunch, presents and cake and then got back on the limo bus to come back home. We would like to thank Guildford Empire Theatre for their hospitality and generosity and for donating the time and space for Gaby's party. Bobby and Ganesh did a great job at hosting the party. Thank you also to James (Budget Limo) for the great deal on the limo bus rental.
When we arrived home, Mom set up a piņata and everyone had a chance to give it a hit. Mom broke it and the kids picked up all the goodies to be distributed into their goody bags. The party ran later than expected but we're sure everyone had a great time. Gaby certainly did. Thank you all for your wonderful gifts, Gaby will surely enjoy them all, and can't wait to go shopping!
Grandma and Grandpa Mel came over to visit and take Gaby (and the family) out for dinner. It was a long day for Gaby and she was very tired and ready for bed when we returned from the restaurant. A busy, memorable day for Gaby.

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