Gaby's Story
September 18 – 24, 2006

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Monday September 18, 2006

Gaby was tired this morning and had a difficult time getting out of bed. She said that because she had a busy two days on the weekend she wanted to stay in bed and didn't want to have another busy day in a row. We did manage to get her out of bed and off to school, though.
After school Gaby was very tired (so much for not busy) and all she wanted to do was go home and go to bed. When we arrived home she decided that she would be more comfortable playing on the computer for a while. It was a fight getting Gaby to eat dinner tonight and went through 3 different options and tastings before she finally settled on something. Then she barely touched it. She wanted Dad to put her dinner through her feeding tube, which Dad was not prepared to do.
Gaby got ready for bed easily tonight but was getting a bit chatty after the lights went out. Mom stayed only for a few moments because Gaby was yawning quite a bit and it was already after 8pm. Dad will go into Gaby's class for a while tomorrow to get an understanding of the curriculum for when they are in California.


Tuesday September 19, 2006

Gaby was easy to get up this morning, although she was complaining of being a bit tired. Once she got to school she was full of energy again and was quite happy to have Dad staying in her class for a while. (Dad enjoyed it too)
We got our travel arrangements sorted out for our trip back to Loma Linda. Once again, thanks to Hope Air and WestJet. We will be leaving on October 9th and, if all goes well, we will return on November 26th.
After school, Gaby and Gray played around the house for a while then took turns having pony rides on poor big brother Zack. It was a nice quiet evening at home without soccer or anywhere else to go.
At bed time, Gaby said that she felt so good she doesn't think she is sick anymore and her cancer must be all gone. We told her that it looks like the tumour has shrunk a lot and we should have a better idea how much it's shrunk after the evaluation scan she gets on September 28th.
We'll be back to the hospital tomorrow for chemo after a quick stop at the passport office to hand in a couple of final documents for Gaby's application. Hopefully, she'll be feeling well enough for school on Thursday but we won't be surprised if she doesn't.


Wednesday September 20, 2006

It was tough to get Gaby going this morning, she really didn't want to leave the house. It seems to always be a little harder to get her going on days we have to visit the hospital.
Before going to the hospital, we went to the passport office and where we were finally able to finish Gaby's application then we met Mom for lunch at her work. Gaby had nacho chips (no cheese) and carrots. A strange combo but at least she ate.
After lunch, we went to the hospital and met with the psychologist about Gaby's anger/attitude issues. She recommended we bring Gaby in to their playroom weekly to keep an eye on how she's doing. Then we headed over to the clinic for Gaby's chemo and blood work. Gaby didn't put up a fuss at all this week, just her usual playing around. Gaby was put on antibiotics in case she has an infection developing as she has tested positive twice now for an infection. We picked up her meds then left for home.
On the way home, Gaby decided she wanted a veggie sub for dinner so we stopped in at Subway. She has been very hungry today so as long as she's wanting to eat we figure we'll keep getting her whatever she's craving.
She played with her brothers for a while before going to bed. Zack gave horse rides again and Gray pulled Gaby around on the parachute.


Thursday September 21, 2006

Gaby was feeling well enough to go to school this morning but made it difficult for Mom to leave the classroom when the bell rang. Gaby was having insecurity issues and felt uncomfortable being there after missing yesterday. Once Mom got Gaby settled in her class she was feeling better about being there.
After school, she still had a lot of energy and wanted to go pick out a birthday cake for Mom. When we got home from the store, the kids wrapped up a gift and gave it to Mom.
We took Mom out for dinner for her birthday then had some cake at home before the kids settled down and watched a movie.
It was a pretty quiet day today. Nice change from the hustle of yesterday.
Gaby fussed a little for her weekly dressing change and is complaining that it is itching again. We noticed a bit of a rash developing around the dressing and will have to mention it to the doctor again if the cream we were given doesn't get rid of it.


Friday September 22, 2006

Gaby had a pretty uneventful day today. She was feeling a bit tired and was quite moody. She spent the day playing with Grayson and Phil. They made a fort in the playroom and played games.
She still doesn't have a great appetite and has been very picky about everything she does eat.
Gaby's starting to get excited about going back to California, where it is hot. Hope she feels just as excited once we've been there for a while. She enjoyed her bath tonight and had a long talk with Mom at bedtime about her upcoming birthday party.


Saturday September 23, 2006

Gaby was up early today had a good breakfast then went with Mom & Gray to Phil's soccer game and played in the park there. Dad got to the game at half time and Mom, Gaby & Gray went home as Gaby was feeling quite tired.
After a bit of a rest and some lunch, Gaby wanted to walk to the store for corn nuts but Mom didn't want her to get worn out again so she offered to drive to the store instead.
After the store, Gaby played outside with chalk and then after dinner we went to Church. Gaby had a great time again at Kidz Church and likes the singing. Gaby is still having a hard time tolerating certain smells and was feeling sick at different times today. She has trouble going into grocery stores and even certain cooking smells make her feel sick. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for her.
Gaby is excited about the Tea party tomorrow and can't wait to see some of her friends there.


Sunday September 24, 2006

Gaby was very tired and moody for most of this morning. She spent her time playing on the computer and watching a movie.
By afternoon, she was feeling a bit better and was ready to head out to the afternoon Tea Party at the River Springs Recreation Center.
Gaby had a great time at the tea party and really liked the special table that was set up for her. She set up her little tea set at the table and then we went inside to get some pie and cookies. After she ate half her cookie she decided that the fish in the lake needed some too and we took a little walk outside. After spendng some time at the lake and going for a little walk we returned to the party. Gaby was just in time to help Jayne pick some tickets for the door prizes and Gaby really enjoyed doing that. Mom gave Gaby the digital for a few minutes so that Gaby could take some pictures of the tea pot display. Gaby also decided she wanted pictures of the goodies that were for sale as well.
After the party, Gaby was very tired so we had a quick dinner and she went straight to bed.

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