Gaby's Story
September 11 – 17, 2006

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Monday September 11, 2006

Gaby didn't want to get out of bed at all today, made every excuse under the sun to avoid leaving the house. She'll have to miss school Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week due to chemo and low counts so we would really like her to go Monday and Tuesday.
Still waiting to hear something about travel arrangements to California next month, hope to hear this week.
Picked up Gaby and Gray after school and walked home. Gaby was a little disappointed that I didn't bring the car to take her home but by the time we got to our house she wanted to carry on walking to Barb's house to pick up Grayson's back pack.
Mom helped Gaby with her 'home work' and did two pages out of her learning book. Have to keep ahead of things while she is well enough to do it. We're sure there will be days to come when she won't feel like doing any school work or reading at all.
Took Gaby to Zack's soccer practice and she had lots of fun playing with Maya and Grayson and ran around the field a couple times. Full of energy until it was time to leave for home and get ready for bed, then her legs hurt and she complained the whole way to the car.
She went to bed very well tonight after reading a book with Dad and chatting for a while with Mom about how much she doesn't like her CVC lines and how she wished she didn't have cancer.


Tuesday September 12, 2006

Had another tough time getting Gaby up and moving this morning. She's started making very big deals out of the simplest decisions lately. We believe that because so much of her life is out of her control right now that she is acting up on even the simplest day to day things in an attempt to try and control something.
Took Gaby to the dentist this morning to get checked out before her radiation treatments start. We were told that she won't be able to get any dental work done for some time after treatment so it was important to get anything pressing out of the way before hand. She received a good report, nothing to worry about right now. Before we left the dentists' office, they gave her a cute stuffed monkey that she is totally in love with. She said, she's always wanted a monkey and didn't know why she never thought of getting one before.
After the dentist, Gaby went to school. She won't be able to attend for at least the rest of the week so she wanted to make it to school today for sure.
Gaby came out of school today with a much better attitude than she had this morning. Much more like her regular self again. Quite a relief for Mom & Dad.
She came home and asked for a snack and ended up eating a huge bowl of cereal. Then she decided to do some more work in her study book.
Gaby requested taco's for dinner so we had to make a quick dash to the store for a couple ingredients. She ended up eating very well tonight, a nice change from her recent lack of appetite.
Tomorrow, we'll be back at the oncology clinic for chemo and to pick up some supplies.


Wednesday September 13, 2006

Gaby got up really well this morning. Only had to change outfits once. She ate a good breakfast and we headed off to the oncology clinic at Children's Hospital for blood work and her next dose of chemo. While we were waiting for the results from her blood work, her mood soured and she had a fit in the clinic that lasted quite a while. Very uncharacteristic for her, she's always been one to let people know what's on her mind but the last week or so she has become very moody. Dad made an appointment to meet with someone on our next visit to see what we can do to help Gaby (and the rest of the family) through the rough spots. Looks like the pressure of everything happening in her life is starting to get to her.
Once out of the clinic, she seemed to perk up a bit and asked if we could stop into a local Gelato place we've been passing weekly. She got a mango, blue cotton candy and bubblegum mix. It was nice to see her smiling and herself again after a tough time at the hospital.
When we got home, she played on the computer for a bit before dinner then started feeling really tired and sick. She ended up going to bed pretty early tonight. She felt a little warm but wasn't running temperature. We'll have to keep an eye on her through the night.


Thursday September 14, 2006

Gaby was up early this morning (before anyone). She was a little tired, but not the grumpy girl we've seen the last few mornings. Dad and Gaby had a good chat this morning. Dad reassured her that we are all in this fight together and even through her fits and mood swings we will always be there for her. We are not going to desert her. She had a good cry and seemed very relieved after this talk. After a good breakfast, she had a lot more energy and was ready to face the day.
We attempted to get passports for the kids but were presented with a new set of rules at the office and will have to make another attempt next week.
Met Mom and Uncle Rodney for lunch at Boston Pizza Guildford. Gaby tried the chips and cheese but the cheese wasn't like El Torito in California so she didn't eat too much.
She was pretty tired when we got back home and rested on the sofa for a couple of hours.
Gaby wasn't hungry at dinner time but we managed to convince her to eat something anyway.
After dinner we changed her CVC dressing. The dressing change went well just a bit of "you're pulling my line, you're pulling my line", but otherwise uneventful. When cleaning her feeding tube we noticed a loose fleshy piece around it so we will call tomorrow to see if that is something to be concerned about. Gaby went to bed early tonight in order to get up for blood tests tomorrow morning.


Friday September 15, 2006

Had to get Gaby up early today to go have blood work done at the local clinic. She took her time getting ready and finally made it out of the house by 8:10am. Gaby didn't fuss too much getting the blood taken. After the clinic Dad and Gaby made it home about 9am and Gaby played on the computer for a bit. Dad had an appointment just after 10am so Tracy came over to watch Gaby while he was out (thank you!).
We're pretty confident Gaby's counts are on their way up so Dad felt it would be ok to take Gaby out to pick up a couple things around town. She was happy to get out of the house for awhile. Gaby's been pretty happy and "normal' today, no unruly fits or outbursts.
We got her blood work results back just before dinner, they confirmed that her numbers are on their way back up so Gaby should be able to go back to school on Monday.
After dinner she was happy to help Mom organize some things for her upcoming early birthday party. Then watched a movie with Gray up in Mom and Dad's room and got ready for bed. At bedtime, Gaby was emotional and talked with Mom about Nala and how she has bad dreams sometimes seeing her "get squished" by a car. Mom assured her that Nala wasn't squished, just hit by a car, and that we have to remember the happy times we had with the cat. Mom went on to explain a little about the cats that she had when she was a child and how they passed away and Gaby was a bit more comforted knowing she wasn't the only one to ever lose a pet. After a few more snuggles Gaby was ready to fall asleep.


Saturday September 16, 2006

Gaby had an uneventful morning playing with her brothers. In the afternoon we took Gaby out to Hopcott Premium Meats Grand Opening. She was excited to be able to attend the BBQ fundraiser as well. Gaby had fun at the little petting zoo and loved petting the baby bunnies there. She loved the pony cart ride and especially liked it when the pony ran very fast. Gaby really wanted to go on the hay wagon ride so Gaby and Mom asked Travis when he was going to be able to do the hay ride. After he completed a couple errands, Gaby was thankful that the wagon ride was about to begin. Gaby had fun going around the farm on the hay wagon and after the ride played some more with the baby bunnies. Grandma and Grandpa Mel took Gaby and Gray down the street to Meadows Maze for an ice-cream and a train ride. It was a big afternoon for Gaby and she was looking a little tired. We came home for dinner and then made our way to church. Gaby had a lot of fun at Kidz Church. She really enjoys attending.


Sunday September 17, 2006

Gaby was up pretty early this morning taking care of her 'babies' and her Webkinz. We noticed that her feeding tube is still getting quite messy overnight and during the day but have been monitoring it for infection…and haven't see any troubling signs.
After a bit of play time and some lunch we headed out to Hopcott Premium Meats to pick up corn and some of the farmer's sausage Dad fell in love with at the grand opening (Nice job Lance). While we were there, the kids had a good time picking some strawberries in the field.
Gaby was a little tired after our trip to Pitt Meadows and had a bit of a rest on the sofa before heading out to the Pizza Night fundraiser at Guildford Boston Pizza. We all had a great time at the fundraiser. Gaby was a little overwhelmed by all the attention but she managed ok. By 6:30 she was really getting tired and it was starting to show so we headed for home.
Once home, we got Gaby's meds and maintenance out of the way and she went to bed early to make sure she is well rested for school tomorrow.

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