Gaby's Story
September 4 – 10, 2006

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Monday September 4, 2006

Gaby didn't wake up in a very good mood this morning and caused Dad some grief while performing the maintenance on her lines. Don't think she slept very well last night. She was a lot happier by late morning and wanted to go out so we took her out to run some errands.
She was very happy to have a tea party with Mom & Gray this afternoon and was thrilled when Zack & Phil played dress up with her. (Phil escaped without any pictures).
Bedtime was a bit of a challenge today. Gaby's very stressed about attending school this week. Stayed up until almost 11pm worrying about how long she was going for, if she would have to show everyone her lines or her "button" (feeding tube) and if one of us would stay with her for the 45 minutes. She knows she will miss Wednesday because she will be at the hospital and is concerned about missing some fun activities, but she is also nervous about attending a full day. She talked a lot about her last day at school in June being the 1st day she spent in the hospital. Seems she is associating being at school with going to the hospital.


Tuesday September 5, 2006

Had to wake Gaby up early for school, she was a bit cranky this morning and it was difficult to get her going. She seemed a bit apprehensive to leave the house and didn't have much of an appetite. Nervous because of school or maybe because of the "big" dose of chemo she is getting today.
We did not tell anyone that Gaby would be at school today and many people were happily surprised to see her. She was happy to see her classmates again. Gaby was a bit overwhelmed by the attention at times. She stayed in class for a half hour (15 minutes short of dismissal), and then Dad and Gaby made their way to BCCH for chemo.
Got to the hospital around 10:30 and started the hydration before the chemo treatment can be administered. Spent most of the day in the clinic waiting for Gaby to pee, she watched a couple movies and played in the pretend kitchen making her nurse a huge meal. Talked to our doctor about the pain in Gaby's legs and right eye, (which she said was gone now that we have someone to check on it) and he said to let them know if the pain becomes persistent and starts to interfere with her sleep, daily activities, etc…
Before going up to Gaby's room in the oncology ward, she started complaining of tiredness, pain in her legs and was looking a little flushed. The doctor checked her out before we went upstairs. She looked ok to him, but said we should keep an eye on her over the next few hours and let the nurse know if she becomes more uncomfortable. Gaby started feeling a lot better when the nurse brought a wheel chair for her to ride up in.
We all went to bed early in anticipation of getting woken up every two hours for Gaby to go to the bathroom as they need to flush the chemo from her system and to test her urine. As expected, she wasn't impressed and complained a lot the first two times she was awakened and wanted to go home cause they wouldn't leave her alone. Thank goodness, she isn't feeling nauseous yet or she'd be making a break for the car.


Wednesday September 6, 2006

Let Gaby sleep as long as possible today. She is pretty tired after getting woken up every couple of hours last night and was moaning a lot even when she was sleeping so we're expecting her to be feeling quite sick today.
Nana came to stay with Gaby while Dad took a couple hours to go to an appointment. Nana said she slept for most of her visit.
Once she got up, Gaby was not feeling well at all. She had a little bit to drink but wasn't interested in anything to eat. She got sick a time or two in the morning then once this afternoon but is mostly just feeling really crappy.
It took a while to get her dressed and feeling comfortable. Good thing we had several shorts to choose from, she complained about the first two pair being too tight for her belly so they were making her feel terrible. The nurse got her a warm blanket for her belly, that seemed to help.
By afternoon, she still wouldn't eat or drink and was not being very cooperative with anyone. So...after spending most of day in bed, Dad finally made her get up around 2:30 to walk around. She wasn't very happy with Dad at first but once she got up and moving she started feeling much better. Inside of an hour, she was eating popsicles and crackers, playing on the computer and was able to drink more than a few sips without feeling sick.
They released us about 4:30 and by the time we got to the car she was already talking about getting Subway on the way home. She loves those veggie subs. We didn't want her to start feeling sick again while in the car so we waited until we got close to home before picking up a sub for her.
After she ate, we gave her her shot in the leg to help her with her blood counts and she was feeling much better. Hannah K rode by on her bike and Gaby wanted to play for a bit, but was complaining about her helmet hurting her head. She had a bit of a fit but finally put her helmet on and rode around for all of 5 minutes before she got too tired to play. She came back in the house and rested on the couch and played on the computer for a while then went to bed just after 8:00. Don't think she'll make it back to school for tomorrow.


Thursday September 7, 2006

Let Gaby sleep as long as possible this morning and when she did grace us with her presence she still was a bit cranky and feeling nauseous. We decided that it was best that she didn't go to school today as she was still looking and feeling quite tired. Later in the morning, Dad took Gaby to our family doctor for a visit. Then they headed over to Chapters to pick up a learning book for Gaby to keep up with missed school work and Dad bought Gaby a sticker book for later, if she was good with her dressing change. And she was, of course. Gaby spent most of the day lounging and barely had enough energy to sit up at the computer but refused to go for a nap.
At around 7pm Mom put Gaby to bed and spent an hour talking about all the different things Gaby would like to do but can't. Dad came in to Gaby's room and said there was a squirrel hanging on to the stucco of our neighbours house, so we all went out for a look. Gaby had quite a laugh at the poor confused thing as the dog barked at it and tried to jump up the fence at it. After a few minutes the squirrel had only moved a few feet so Gaby went back to bed. After a few more questions to Dad about school tomorrow, she finally fell asleep.


Friday September 8, 2006

It was pretty tough getting Gaby out of bed this morning. After we talked to her about the teacher she was assigned and how Mrs. Blake is a pretty fun teacher she got moving in a hurry. Gaby was very happy to be in Mrs. Blake's class and to be able to spend time with her friends. She managed to stay the whole day at school without incident. Lunch hour at the school was spent inside due to a bear advisory in our neighbourhood. Just so happens that the bear was in Barb's backyard. That may have saved Gaby some energy this afternoon and helped her stay the whole day. We were very pleased as we expected to hear from the school for sure today.
Dad started the process of getting air travel arrangements made for our trip back to California in early October. We're really hoping that Hope Air can come through for us again.
Children's Hospital called this afternoon with a date for Gaby's MRI evaluation scan, September 28th. Fortunately, she will already be in the hospital for her big dose of chemo so we won't have to go into the hospital two days in a row.
Once all the kids got home from school, we took care of Gaby's CVC care then took them to get passport photos done to ease traveling to California next month. Then after dinner, Mom took Gaby and Gray for a walk. They were told to watch for a bear on the road they were headed down and decided to come home. Might have been the same bear that was at Barb's house earlier in the day.
Bedtime was pretty uneventful today, not too many questions just a couple of Robert Munsch stories and she was out.


Saturday September 9, 2006

Gaby got up around 8:30 today and was not feeling very well, still tired and very moody.
We had plans to get some family pictures done today around River Springs in the trails, but since it was raining we decided Rocky Point would have better areas that were under cover. It did stop raining for about an hour, and we did get in some nice photo's before the younger kids got cranky. We managed to squeeze in a few more photos around the water park and then called it quits. Gaby got her dress wet at the water park and Grayson had just had enough.
Went to Red Robin for a quick lunch but Gaby started feeling worse and did not eat very much at all. We all rested in the afternoon and then went to Church at 6pm for their Fall Festival. Gaby joined in at the Kidz Church and had a great time doing crafts and singing songs and they even watched a movie. She was happy that she got to go tonight. We came home, got the kids into their p.j.'s and made them some popcorn so they could watch a short movie before bed. Gaby and Gray had a pretend sleepover on the floor of Gaby's room until Gray got too tired and had to be put into his own bed. Gaby would love to have a real sleepover but we don't see that happening anytime soon.


Sunday September 10, 2006

Gaby in a better mood today. Had a quiet morning around the house.
In the afternoon Mom, Dad, Gaby and Gray went for a walk over the new bridge and to the store. Gaby rode her scooter and seemed to have good energy today. When we got back she played video games with her brothers.
Cheryl (Photo's by Cheryl) came by with our photo's from yesterday. They turned out great considering the rain and fits and crying (from the kids). We are very happy to get some family pictures done before Gaby and Dad leave for California.
The days seem to go much faster now that school is back in and that means bedtime comes pretty quick. Gaby got ready for bed and wanted another mock sleep over with Gray in her room. They only had 20 minutes or so to play before it was bedtime.
After Gray had gone to his room, Gaby talked to Dad about her concerns that she will not be able to wear a hat in school. Dad reassured her that she had special circumstances so we didn't think she would have to take it off unless she wants to.

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